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Lefkada combines thickly forested mountains, lush valleys and paradise beaches. From every corner of the island, you glimpse views that will stun you into silence. Despite all this, Lefkada for the most part, is not overly developed and attracts a more upmarket holidaymaker.

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Pretty Good Beaches

_p_Lefkada has some of the best beaches in the whole of Greece. Long stretches of white sand, surrounded by impressive vertical cliffs and sea that is so turquoise that it is almost unreal._br /_
_br /_
Kathisma Beach_br /_
One of the most stunning beaches on Lefkada situated near Agios Nikitas. Fine white sand and utterly turquoise sea. This beach rivals any in the Caribbean._br /_
_br /_
Pefkoulia Beach_br /_
Impressive, long, sandy beach of white sand near Agios Nikitas. Paradise!_br /_
_br /_
Agios Nikitas_br /_
This small fishing village with its pretty, colourful houses has a lovely little sandy beach with some excellent tavernas._br /_
_br /_
Mikros Gialos Beach_br /_
This beautiful sandy beach is situated in the southern part of Lefkada near the village of Poros._br /_
_br /_
Porto Katsiki Beach_br /_
This gorgeous long, sandy beach is surrounded by verdant hills and is situated at the bottom of a steep cliff. 80 steps lead down to the beach. At the top is a snack bar - a welcome relief since the climb back up in the summer can be arduous._br /_
_br /_
Egremni Beach_br /_
Yet another slice of Paradise. White sandy beach and impossibly turquoise water surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation._br /_
_br /_
Agios Ioannis Beach_br /_
White sand that seems to go on for miles._br /_
_br /_
Vasiliki Beach_br /_
A mecca for windsurfing but for those not interested in water sports, the fishing village of Vasiliki is still very traditional and pretty and worth a visit._br /_
_br /_
Sivota Bay_br /_
The traditional and very pretty fishing village of Sivota nestles peacefully among the clefts of thickly forested mountains which plunge down to the Homeric wine dark sea._br /_
Sivota is a popular anchorage for yachts and has many small sandy coves._br /_
_br /_
Nidri Bay_br /_
Looking down on Nidri from the coastal road, you will gasp in utter wonder at the view of its beautiful bay looking out over Onassis's private island of Skorpios and the backdrop of the small _br /_
Princess Islands>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_

Pretty Good Day Trips

_p_Skorpios, Fiskardo (Kefalonia) and Ithaka by boat From Nidri and Vasiliki, there are regular ferries as well as private boat trips. The southern part of Skorpios Island belonging to the Onassis family has a lovely beach where cruise boats are permitted to anchor. Fiskardo on Kefalonia has one of Greece's prettiest harbours lined with colourful neo-classical houses dripping with clashing bougainvillea. Ithaka, full of romance and charm, was said to be the home of Odysseus. Tickets can be purchased from the harbours of Nidri and Vasiliki._br /_
_br /_
Mountain Villages_br /_
Lefkada is not just about gorgeous beaches and turquoise sea. The island has densely forested mountains with lush and fertile valleys. There are some lovely mountain villages where the traditional life of the island still prevails. Amongst these are Vafkeri, Englouvi, Karia, Katouna and Premendinos._br /_
_br /_
Lefkas Town_br /_
The main town and marina of the island exude a wealthy atmosphere. The architecture is unusual - the majority of buildings were destroyed in a major earthquake and the brightly coloured new buildings have been constructed out of metal. There are plenty of beautiful shops, restaurants, bars and cafes to visit. In addition, the site of Ancient Lefkas is a short distance from the existing town, there is the fort and drawbridge that can be visited and some impressive caves. The moat and marshland on either side of the causeway offer spectacular views and dramatic skies._br /_
_br /_
Alabaster Cave, near Lefkas Town_br /_
The cave is situated 1.5 kms from Lefkas Town. Its alabaster-like stalagmites and stalagtites are impressive._br /_
_br /_
Dimosari Gorge & Ronies Waterfalls, near Nidri_br /_
Spectacular scenery in an oasis of calm.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_

Pretty Cultural

_p_Lefkada has had its share of Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and British influences. Although the island is a paradise for beaches, sea and mountains, there are some sites worth a trip._br /_
_br /_
Venetian Castle, Poros_br /_
Apart from the castle, there is also a 17th Century church in this lovely, traditional spot on the island._br /_
_br /_
Monastery of St George, Nikiana_br /_
Apart from the monastery, here you will see fantastic sunsets over Meganisi, the largest of the nine satellite islands._br /_
_br /_
Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, Frynio_br /_
Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this 17th century monastery is one of the most famous on the island. From here, there are panoramic views.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_

Pretty Sporty

_p_Windsurfing, Kite Surfing and Dinghy Sailing_br /_
Vasiliki on Lefkada is a mecca for watersports. The thermal winds on a summer's afteroon provide the perfect conditions for windsurfing, kite surfing and dinghy sailing._br /_
Club Vass, Vasiliki_br /_
www.clubvass.com_br /_
_br /_
Sailing_br /_
Lefkada is a favourite anchorage for yachts with many bays of outstanding beauty._br /_
Vernicos Sailing Club_br /_
www.vernicos.gr_br /_
_br /_
Trekking and Mountain Biking_br /_
The thickly forested mountains of Lefkada provide a nature lover's paradise. Trekking and mountain biking can be organised through Club Vass in Vassiliki._br /_
www.clubvass.com_br /_
_br /_
Diving_br /_
With so many outstanding bays, Lefkada is fabulous for snorkelling and diving._br /_
Lefkas Diving Centre, Nidri_br /_>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_

Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

_p_Lefkada has some superb restaurants especially excellent fish restaurants as well as some very chic bars and pleasant coffee shops to while away the hours. Look out for the local wine: 'Lefkas Land' ('Lefkaditiki Yi') and the local salamis._br /_
_br /_
Tavernas, Cafes and Bars_br /_
_br /_
O Molos Fish Taverna, nr Poros_br /_
This superb traditional fish restaurant is situated overlooking the beautiful beach of Mikros Gialos._br /_
Tel: 26450 95548_br /_
_br /_
Copla Bar, Kathisma Beach_br /_
An incredibly chic bar overlooking the white paradise sands and surf of Kathisma Beach_br /_
_br /_
The Yacht Bar, Sivota Bay_br /_
Tucked away in Sivota Bay overlooking the marina is the Yacht Bar with lovely views and friendly service._br /_
_br /_
Taverna Spiridoula, Sivota Bay_br /_
Excellent fish taverna run by Spiridoula and Panayiotis and often lobster is available. Panagiotis is also one of the local fishermen so really tremendous fish at this taverna._br /_
Tel: 26450 31182_br /_
_br /_
Agnadeio Taverna, nr Sivota_br /_
Delicous home cooking at this family run taverna situated on the main road above Sivota Bay. The taverna is painted pink and can't be missed on the right hand side of the road when driving from Sivota towards Lefkas Town._br /_
_br /_
Yiannis Taverna, Ligia_br /_
Located by the sea, this is a wonderful taverna._br /_
_br /_
Anasa Tou Zorba Taverna, Nikiana_br /_
Another excellent taverna at Nikiana._br /_
_br /_
Frini Sto Molo, Lefkas Town_br /_
An excellent taverna in the centre of Lefkas Town_br /_
_br /_
Navona Grill House, Marandochori_br /_
Marandochori is a small, traditional village between Sivota and Vasiliki. Navona offers simple but tasty grilled meats and spit-roasted pork. Situated on the harbour front.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_

Pretty Greek Shops

_p_Xortis Butcher, Vasiliki_br /_
Excellent meat and very reasonable prices. Visit this friendly, old fashioned butcher located on the main street._br /_
Tel: 26450 31764_br /_
_br /_
Fish at Taverna Spiridoula, Sivota Bay_br /_
Excellent fish taverna run by Spiridoula and Panayiotis and often lobster is available. Panagiotis is also one of the local fishermen and is always happy to show you his catch for you to select the fish that you would like to take away and cook at your villa._br /_
Tel: 26450 31182_br /_
_br /_
Supermarket, nr Vasiliki_br /_
We list this supermarket because it sells the delicious wine 'Lefkas Land' and is generally well stocked. The supermarket is situated on the outskirts of Vasiliki. If you drive out of Vasiliki towards Sivota, you will see this large supermarket on your left hand side. Ourania is the helpful owner._br /_
Tel: 26450 31840_br /_
_br /_
Deli Mari, Lefkas Town_br /_
Wonderful delicatessan in Lefkas selling local produce including very tasty local salamis for which Lefkada is famous._br /_
_br /_
_br /_
Kava Logotheti, Lefkas Town_br /_
A very good wine merchants situated in Lefkas Town.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_


_p_Olympic Airways. Tel: 26450 22881_br /_
KTEL Bus Depot. Tel: 26450 22364_br /_
Taxi. Theo & Spiros Zaverdinos. Tel: 26450 22694 / 6945 134727 / 6932 309584_br /_
_br /_
Ferry information_br /_
for ferry timetables_br /_>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_/p_

Emergency Numbers

_p_Hospital._br /_
Tel: 26450 25371_br /_
_br /_
Ambulance._br /_
Tel: 26450 25371_br /_
_br /_
Health Centre at Vasiliki._br /_
Tel: 26450 31065_br /_
_br /_
Police._br /_
Tel: 26450 22322_br /_
_br /_
Fire._br /_
Tel: 26450 22199_br /_
_br /_
Port Police._br /_
Tel: 26450 22322_/p_