Milos is a quiet, traditional island with a huge variety of landscapes and is sometimes known as the 'Geology Museum of the World'. It is a volcanic island with hot springs, gently rolling hills, an atmospheric lunar landscape, excellent beaches with fine, golden sand and rocks of incredible colours from the sulphur, barite, alum, betonite, perlite and kaolin that are found here. Milos has been inhabited from pre-neolithic times due to its rich minerals and ores. Its deep blue waters bubble with natural thermal springs and its coastline is dramatically indented with fjord like inlets. Milos is also the place where the Statue of Venus was discovered - now housed in the Louvre. For such a quiet seeming place, Milos is a gem. You may just want to relax in beautiful surroundings whilst on holiday in your Greek villa. However, Milos is one of those islands where you wouldn't want to miss out on seeing its natural and varied beauty. How to Get There There is an airport on the island close to Adamas, the main town of the island. Olympic Airways operate one flight per day from Athens International Airport (AIA) to Milos. Alternatively, there are regular ferry boats from Pireaus to Milos taking between 4 1/2 - 6 hours depending upon the route.  

Pretty Good Beaches

Milos has some of the best beaches in Greece with over 70 and what a variety! White, black and red sand beaches, as well as beaches made from shells that have been crushed over the millenia to create floury-white sand Some beaches are so white from the natural perlite that the sand looks like snow.

Firiplaka Beach

Located in the southern part of Milos, this sandy beach has extraordinary coloured rocks.

Tzigrado Beach

Located in the south, this incredible white sandy beach is of perlite.

Agia Kyriaki Beach

Located in the south, this long, sandy beach is of light, floury crushed shells. The sea seems so transparent that it is like swimming through air.

Sarakiniko Beach

The most spectacular looking area of the island with a white rocky coastline, a lunar landscape, many small sandy bays and a long sandy beach.. This beach is in the north of the island.

Paliochori Beach

Located in the south, this beach has small stones and bubbling hot springs.

Provatas Beach

Also south, this beach has fine red sand.

Genontas Beach

Located in the south, this beach has black, volcanic sand with unusual caverns and arches in the rocks. This beach is spectacular against the indigo blue of the sea.

Firopotamos Bay

This is a small bay with a traditional fishing village. Lovely for relaxing with an ouzo and some delicious 'mezedes'. Located in the north of the island.

Mandrakia Bay

Also, located in the north, this is a very pretty bay with a traditional fishing harbour.

Pollonia Beach

Pollonia is one of the main villages of Milos and its sandy beach is very pleasant and fringed by trees. Located in the north of the island.

Papafragas Beach

This tiny, sandy beach is set in a dramatic position between sheer walls of rock. Also in the north of the island.>>>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Milos is still very much a traditional Greek island. Most tavernas are situated in the three main villages of Adamas, Plaka and Polonia.

Restaurants and Tavernas

To Spitiko, Adamas

Located in the capital of the island, To Spitiko serves delicious home-made dishes from local recipes.

Tel: 22870 22160

O Kipos, Kipo

This taverna is situated in the village of Kipo, serving excellent, traditional food.>>>

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Pretty Cultural

Milos has been inhabited since the pre-neolithic age and has some interesting sites to explore.

The Catacombs

This fascinating site dates from early Christianity around the 2nd Century AD. A labyrinth of passages leads to three catacombs and the main burial chamber. Various symbolic patterns are etched on the graves that line the approach to the main chamber.


Discover the remains of an ancient Roman village dating from 100 AD including a well preserved amphitheatre.


This is one of the most important settlements of the pre-historic era in the Aegean. Dating from 3300 - 1100 BC, both Minoan and Mycenean influences are evident.>>>

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Pretty Greek Shops

Most shops are found in the main town of the island, Adamas, located to the north of the island.>>>

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Milos has its fair share of fun

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary.>>>

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Tel: 22870 22219

Olympic Airways

Tel: 22870 22380

Boat Information

Tel: 210 4226000>>>

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Pretty Sporty


There are no organised watersports on Milos.


For walkers, Milos is a natural paradise especially in Spring and Autumn when the island is cloaked in a myriad flowers.


Milos is one of the few areas of Greece where the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal is still found. The island's unusual geology and incredibly transparent sea make it a paradise for snorkelling especially around the small coves in the Sarakiniko area of the island.>>>

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Emergency Numbers


Tel: 22870 22700 / 22701 / 22702


Tel: 22870 21378

Port Police

Tel: 22870 22100>>>

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