All information on our site is correct to the best of our knowledge

We visit all of our villas personally and photograph them.

We go to great legths to provide accurate information on our website and we update the information on our systems every year.

We try to describe the villas in an honest way and in no way wish to mislead or misrepresent any of our villas. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that all information is passed on accurately.

The photographs which are posted on our site are of the actual properties and have been taken to show the villa in the way that it will be found when our guests arrive.

The locations of the villas are accurate and we run a personal enquiry service where we can answer questions relating to the villas, the facilities at the properties and the surrounding areas. info@prettygreekvillas.com

Pretty Greek Villas is an intermediary. We help our guests chose and organise private villa holidays in Greece. The majority of information regarding the properties can be found on this website.

We offer third party advice and recommendations, the aim being to match our clients to a villa which is best for them and available at the time they enquire. We help arrange our guests holiday so they can enjoy independence in Greece.

We are here to answer any question a client might have as honestly and impartially as possible relating to the villas and their locations.