What we do


Villas Unique and Rare

We receive many requests from owners, wanting to list their properties on our site and work with us. We make a short list of properties which we feel are worthy of a ‘visit’ and off we go to see what the properties are really like. Most times we stay at least one night so we get a real taste of what you will have when you arrive on holiday.   We’re looking for properties which have integrity. I always ask myself, ‘would I be happy to holiday here’? If the answer is not clear we don’t represent the villa or we give advice to the owner in order to bring their home up to the high standards of what is a Pretty Greek Villa.   Once everything has been set, we photograph the villas, list the facilities they offer and contract the owners to make sure that everything described on our site is what our guests will see when they arrive on their well deserved holiday.

You can be sure of our fabulous service

Because we have such a great knowledge of our villas and the areas which they are located in, we can answer any questions you might have honestly. We want to help you find that perfect villa in Greece. We understand how important that holiday is and we want you to have a memorable holiday in your Pretty Greek Villa.   We have seen all of our properties and we love to chat to our clients regarding the facilities and styling of the properties we have listed on our site. We offer third party advice and we really want our clients to chose the perfect holiday villa for them. Once the decision has been made and the deposit paid.......   We organise every details from the moment you arrive in Greece to the time you leave. Car hire, boat hire, taxi services, donkey transfers, mopeds, bicycles, birthday cakes, special celebrations, cooks and chefs, tennis lessons, massage sessions, cooking lessons to name but a few.   There’s a problem at the villa - we run a 24 hr help line. Of course we ask people to respect the night time hours but we’re here should there be a serious problem to help at any time of the day or night. Most of the time its a small issue that can be resolved by a simple phone call but regardless of the seriousness of the problem, we’re here to help.   So, what's left for you to do? You’ve selected one of our Pretty Greek Villas, we’ve arranged all the details of your arrival and those little ‘extras’ which make your holiday special. We’ve organised your return trip from the villa to the airport on the sad day when your holiday ends. What remains for you to do??

Locations Memorable and Awesome

This is often overlooked. The villas looks great but is the location going to give you that special holiday experience? Firstly we try to find those special locations of which Greece has many to offer. We have villas on Santorini with that famous view over the ‘Caldera’, we have beach front villas in hidden bays, cottages surrounded by nature, windmills in unspoiled islands, but what is more important is to arrange a villa holiday which fits the requirements of each and every family or group. Santorini is beautiful and memorably impressive BUT with a young family of four the kids might get a little bored gazing over the impressive view. Fixated on visiting Fiskardo in Kefalonia but maybe not heard of Hydra or Spetses, we’ll open your eyes to some of the hidden gems of Greece.   Having lived in Greece for over 20 years we have explored the country extensively. We have visited every property we represent and we know the different areas and island of Greece very well.    Let us know what kind of holiday you have in mind and we will suggest the best locations which will provide that awesome villa holiday experience.

Individually Chosen

We visit each and every villa we have listed on prettygreekvillas.com    We have great relationships with all of our owners which means that if there is a problem they ‘bend over backwards’ to help our guests.   Not all of our villas are exclusive to us but many are. We run a price match guarantee should you find the same property listed elsewhere for less.   We are looking for villas which have an individual appeal and are characterful.

Organising your holiday how you want it

There are many things to do in Greece apart from lay by the pool and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, should you fancy a shot at diving, or dinghy sailing, horse riding or simply arranging that special day out on a traditional Greek Caique boat, we will try our best to organise every detail of your holiday just how you have it in your mind.

Slip into your Swimsuit and leave the rest to us.