Santorini, associated with the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, is the most romantic of the Greek islands with magnificent sunsets, beautiful Cycladic villages and a smart social scene. Arriving by ferry has to be one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. The volcano lies submerged beneath the sea and encircling it is the island with its sheer strata of green red, blue and golden veined rock. Perched high like an eagle's eeyrie are the white cubist villages dazzling in the sun

Pretty Good Beaches

Being a volcanic island, Santorini's beaches are either of red or black sand.

Red Beach,near Akrotiri

This beach is of red sand.

Perissa, Kamari & Monolithos Beaches

All of black sand and quite busy beaches.

Cape Columbo

This is a quiet, isolated beach near Finikia.

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Santorini is particularly famous for its excellent wine and many of the vineyards can be visited. Additionally, Santorini cultivates the 'fava' bean, a special Santorini tomato and capers and a unique cheese is also found there called 'chloro' made from goats milk.


Santo Wines, Pyrgos

Sigalas Wines, Oia

Our favourite!

Boutari Wines, Megalochori


Sweet wine whose vintage wine is excellent

Tavernas & Cafes

Oia's Cafe Restaurant

Great views, nice good, pretty garden

Tel: 22860 71504

1800 Restaurant, Oia

Famous, elegant restaurant

Tel: 22860 71485

Mylos Cafe, Oia

Beautiful. Applaud the sunset from here.

Pelekanos Cafe, Oia

Very beautiful and atmospheric and in a great setting for a drink at sundown.>>>>>>

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Pretty Cultural & Pretty Good Days Out

The architecture of Santorini is typically Cycladic in style with simple, linear lines with villages of blue and white houses perched on clifftops. In the old days, this was for fear of marauding pirates. One aspect of Santorini architecture which is unique are the old 'cave houses'. The interiors of the old houses are carved out of the rock. This was because of volcanic activity and also acted as a natural temperature regulator since the houses were warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Archaeological Museum, Fira

Interesting finds from the various excavations.

Akrotiri Excavations, Akrotiri

This is an interesting site with evidence of an ancient Minoan settlement. You will see traces of a city with 2 - 3 storey buildings and many beautiful frescoes.

Museum of Pre-historic Thera, Fira

Santorini is also known as 'Thera'. This museum has some interesting artifacts from the preh-historic Cycladic era.

Folklore Museum, Fira

This collection is housed in a traditional 'cave' house.

Bellonio Cultural Centre and Library, Fira

An impressive collection of aniquarian books.

Santorini Wine Museum, Messaria

Santorini is famous for its wine and at this museum you can learn about the history of wine making.

Megaron Gyzi

A collection of pictures, engravings and old photographs illustrating the history of Santorini.


Santorini has over 250 churches, In particular, do not miss the Orthodox Cathedral in Fira with its magnificent frescoes, the Catholic Cathedral in Fira which is said to be one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings on the island, the Church of Panagia Episcopi near Mesa Gonia which is an important example of Byzantine architecture and the Monastery of Profitis Elias near the village of Pyrgos with its important collection of ecclesiastical treasures, and its tremendous views.



Spectacular and beautiful Oia perched high above the 'caldera' is the most picturesque village on Santorini. People gather to applaud the sunset which is magnificent from here.


Fira is the capital of Santorini with many lovely shops and buildings.


Finikia, near Oia, is a charming, small settlement.


Emporio is famous for its windmills.

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Tel: 22860 22555


Tel: 22860 25404


Santorini is the one island where we do not recommend moped or motorbike hire. Every year, there are serious accidents. Many of the roads are precarious on high cliff tops and the wind has such strength that bikes are often blown over the sides of the mountains.>>>>>>

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn.

Feast of the Panagia 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Summer Jazz Festival

During the summer months, a jazz festival takes place on Santorini and artists from all over the world are invited to perform.>>>>>>

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Health and Emergency numbers


Tel: 22860 23123

Doctor in Oia

Tel: 22860 23615 / 71227


Tel: 22860 22649

Port Police

Tel: 22860 22239>>>>>>

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Pretty Sporty

Windsurfing & Watersports

Wave Sports, Perivolos

Scuba Diving

Volcano Diving Centre, Kamari

MDC, Perissa>>>>>>

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