About us


Pretty Greek Villas

Pretty Greek Villas is a family business. We visit all the villas we represent and of the many owners that contact us we only choose those we identify with, which are 'Pretty Greek Villas'.

PGV was incorporated in 2003. All the people who work for and with PGV live in Greece. Over the years we have discovered reliable people to work with. Not just our owners, who appreciate the advice and feedback we give them, but also our suppliers, (car hire, boat hire, cooks, cleaners, pool repair people, the list is long) who treat our guests in such a good way because we have treated them in a respectful way.

We don't place a large mark-up on the net price that our suppliers give us, instead we ask them to take special care of our guests, of you! Time and time again we hear about Vassilis or Kostas the taxi drivers, how lovely and careful they were, or Suabe and Ajad who look after our guests so brilliantly making sure that every detail is managed in a considerate way. Beds are changed, sheets smell fresh, houses are imaculate, pools are clean and gardens are taken care of.

PGV is not just the people who work in our office but a large extended family of friends and colleagues who try their best to give an excellent service. Why? I guess it's because we all care and want our guests to remember just how special Greece really is.


Marie-Louise Bland

Marie-Louise has worked in every department at PGV. She deals with enquiries to accounts to organising the arrival details of each and every client who books with PGV. She is the rock and backbone of the company and maintains a great relationship with all of our owners and suppliers. The truth is if we didn't have her Pretty Greek Villas, wouldn't be as it is today.

ML trained at the Royal College of Music and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she studied joint Voice and Piano. She worked for a Sound to Picture production company in London called the Music Sculptures as welll as helping set up numerous IT businesses. In the mid 90s ML came to Greece and feel in love with everything Hellenic.

The feedback below from Kate Holmes sums her up.......

"Hi Marie Louise
Thank you so much, you are the MOST efficient person in Greece, actually you should be running the country!   I will await your answer from Lisa. thank you very much. Tracy Hanbury also said how well organised you are.   Best wishes"

Ben Bland

Ben started Pretty Greek Villas with Marie-Louise in 2003. At the time he was singing opera, performing as a Bass soloist.

It was 2004 and the Olympic Games had arrived in Athens. Ben managed to convince many of the sponsors of the games and the members of the press to book apartments in Athens. It was after this experience that Ben and Marie-Louise were able to create the website prettygreekvillas.com and fund the promotional expense which gave Pretty Greek Villas the exposure that attracted both guests and owners alike.

Ben designs the systems which make Pretty Greek Villas as efficient as possible. All the villas have been visited by Ben and much of the photographic work, particularly in the early years, was taken by Ben. He has a meticulous eye for detail, a creative flair and strives for perfection.

Vickie Tasiopoulos

Vickie came to work full time for Pretty Greek Villas in 2011. 

She communicates with the owners of our villas on a regular basis and maintains the calendars which are essential for our system to work effectively. Vickie arranges many aspects behind the scenes - organising car hire and boat hire, making sure that the arrival day runs as smoothly as possible. Vickie updates and cross checks and keeps us all in order. A new villa arrives in her inbox and she decides if it is something that we should consider pursuing further. 

Website management is a huge task and Vickie has an eye for what works and what doesn't. She is a great asset to our office enviroment and manages to combine all of this with raising her son and taking care of her family.

Vickie also takes care of many telephone calls, 'Pretty Greek Villas, can I help you?'

Vass the Taxi driver

OK, we work with many people throughout Greece but Vassilis has been escorting our guests for many years from Athens airport to the ferry ports around the Athens area as well as taxi transfers to Porto Heli and in fact all over mainland Greece.

He has also taken some of our guests on a guided taxi tour of Athens and the feedback for Vassilis has been 100%. 

Without good people like Vassilis, Pretty Greek Villas wouldn't be able to offer those little 'extras' which make our service personal.

Albert the Dog

It's a dogs life but someone's got to do it! And who better to 'vet' our villas for your four legged companions. 

Bored of bone idleness, Albert volunteered to test the reactions of our villa owners to see which of them passed. He makes his own marks and remarks at the villas he stays in and decides which of them are suitable for his four-legged friends.

Of course he expects that all dogs who are accompanied to our villas will be on their best behaviour. Just like him!