Of outstanding natural beauty is the protected marine park between Alonissos and Peristera Island which is a breeding ground for the rare Monk seal and a paradise for snorkeling and diving. The old town of Alonissos, Hora, perched on top of the hillside with its bird's eye view over the bay, is utterly charming with old stone houses and winding streets full of colour. The picturesque fishing village of Steni Vala offers sleepy, unhurried charm where fishermen mend their nets by the quay and the fish tavernas offer just-caught fish from their caique boats.

Pretty Good Beaches

Stunning beaches abound on Alonissos - surround yourself by unspoilt natural beauty and utter peace:

Tzortzi Gialos

This is a slice of paradise located on a deep bay, quite secluded and surrounded by absolute pristine nature. The beach is about 2kms long with a mixture of sand and pebbles surrounded by steep gorges and natural pine forest descending to the water's edge. It is one of the calmest and least windy beaches with tranquil emerald and turquoise waters

Glyfa Beach

Located near Steni Vala and surrounded by natural pine forest, this beach is beautifully secluded and peaceful.

Chrisi Milia

Beautiful golden, sandy beach with sun beds, umbrellas and some water sports. There is a lovely taverna on the hill at one end of the beach. It is one of the very few organized beaches on the island which offers sun beds, umbrellas and some water sports. A nice tavern is standing on a little hill on a side of the beach. The waters are limpid and of an amazing turquoise colour. Pine trees fringe the shore offering shade during the heat of the day.

Aghios Petros

Totally unspoilt beach surrounded by dense pine forests. Its sandy beach seems to shimmer as it descends into the emerald blue waters. The fishing village of Steni Vala is about a 15 min walk away.

Agios Dimitrios

Beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay with pebble beach, crystalline waters and a good taverna.

Votsi Beach

Pretty bay and beach which is sheltered. The little harbour is really picturesque with fishing caiques and sail boats tied up at the quay.>>>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

All fish dishes are delicious as most restaurants only serve the day's catch. The bakery on the right of the main street in Patitiri has delicious pastries. One cannot miss the famous lobster spaghetti dish of Kyria Tasia in her tavern at Steni Vala and her sister's Soultana desert in the coffee house next door.

The excellence of the local wine is a real bonus, and at good prices, so a night out tends to be inexpensive and a lot of fun!

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Pretty Cultural

Alonissos Town (Hora)

This is a delightful town that was damaged in the 1965 earthquake but has been beautifully restored. Enjoy wandering along the little streets and alleyways where you will find some excellent cafes and tavernas as well as some artistic shops


Following the 1965 earthquake, Patiri became the main town of the island. Although the buildings are rather ugly, it does have a certain bustling charm being the port of the island and with some good, traditional tavernas and some shops selling some beautiful, artistic pieces

Steni Vala

Probably one of the most picturesque fishing villages in the Sporades. A narrow, fjord-like inlet leads into the harbour where there are some excellent fish tavernas and a small shops. The Monk Seal Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre is housed in a small hut on the beach.

National Marine Park

An area of outstanding natural beauty rich in marine life and being the breeding ground for the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus). This is one of the rarest animals in Europe with only about 800 surviving members worldwide. The marine park comprises of Alonissos and six smaller islands as well as some rocky outcrops. Additionally, it is an important breeding ground for many species of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals.

The Blue Cave

Located on the north eastern side of Alonissos between the remote beaches of Strovili and Lalarias, a few km north of Agios Dimitrios village. Excursion boats leave daily from Patitiri. The water around the Blue Cave is so clear that the wild rocks around dazzle and are reflected in them.

Island of Peristera

With its sandy coves, limpid waters and the remains of an old castle this is a lovely island to explore and is one of the closest to Alonissos

Island of Kyra Panagia

A taxi boat from Patiri port leaves for this island which is owned by the monks of Mount Athos and has 2 beautiful but partially ruined monasteries on it

Island of Yioura

On this islet is a stalactite cave known as the Cyclops's Cave reputed to be the cave where Odysseus was imprisoned by Polyphemus (one of the most famous Cyclops), son of Poseidon. A rare species of wild goats live on Yioura, as well as many rare plants

Island of Psathoura

On this islet is the brightest and tallest lighthouse in the Aegean as well as the remains of a submerged ancient town, believed, by some, to be the ancient Alonissos

Island of Skantzoura

This islet has beautiful beaches, one monastery with guest's accommodation and a few shepherds still with flocks that graze on its hillsides

Island of Papous

It is a small islet with a lovely church and situated between Kyra Panagia and Yioura.

Kostas and Angela Mavrikis Museum

Located in Patitiri, this is a privately owned museum displaying local works of art along with items from the wine-making industry and traditions of Alonissos. Among the exhibits you will find traditional costumes, war memorabilia and artefacts by artisans of the island

Church of Christ

This church is a lovely tiny little church in the old 'Hora' and one of the few that survived the earthquake.

Agios Athanasios

This church stands within the fortress of the Old Alonissos (Hora), another survivor from the disastrous earthquake of 1965. It was built the same period as the Church of Christ. The church houses a beautiful icon dating from the 18th century.

Agios Nikolas

Although this is a modern church built on the foundations of an older church, there are some fine mid 17th Century icons on display here

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Regular charter flights operate in the summer season from many European destinations into Skiathos and from Skiathos it is a short ferry ride to Alonissos. You can also get to Alonissos by ferry from Aghios Constantinos and Volos. A limited service is also available from Thessaloniki. A good ferry website is

Alonissos has only one bus which only operational during summer, which regularly connects Patitiri to Old Alonissos (Hora).

An additional service departs from Old Alonissos to Steni Vala via Patitiri.

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Alonissos has a strong artistic influence with many artists living on the island. Concerts, plays and exhibitions are held throughout the summer months.

Carnival, last Sunday of Carnival

Colourful and humorous carnival processions through the streets before Lent begins

Fried Horn Beam, 16th June

Fried horn beam and free wine, music and dancing take place on this day

Name Day for the island, 25th & 26th July

The patron saint of Alonissos is Aghia Paraskevi. The celebrations begin on 25th July and end the night of 26th July with religious processions, music, dancing, eating and drinking. All takes place close to the harbour of Patiri

Traditional Wedding, 14th August

A re-enactment of a traditional wedding takes place with music, dancing and general merriment

Panagia, 15th August

After Easter, the biggest festival in the Greek Orthodox calendar.>>>

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Health Centre: +30 24240 65208>>>

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Pretty Sporty

Alonissos with its protected national marine park is perfect for divers and for snorkeling. The island is also a walker's paradise.

Scuba Diving

PADI courses are available on Alonissos.

Greece is among the richest country in ship wrecks dating as far back as the 5th century B.C. More specifically the area around Skopelos, Alonissos and the Marine park have the second largest concentration of ancient and Middle Ages sea wrecks in the world. Many shipwrecks have been discovered with the most famous being that off the coast of Peristera island across Alonissos where the findings are stunning.

The National Marine Park, one of the best preserved marine ecosystems in the Med, is an excellent opportunity to dive into crystal clear waters of significant importance to our European and world heritage.


Alonissos is a bird spotter's paradise. On the walks and old mule paths that criss-cross the island you will experience hillsides carpeted in pungent herbs and many species of wild flower and fauna. On a clear day you can see Mountain Athos, Mount Olympos, Pilion, Evoia, Skyros and Skopelos.>>>

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Emergency Numbers

Police: +30 24240 65205

Port Police: +30 24240 65595

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