Saronic Islands

Aegina is one of the few islands that still embodies all that Greeks themselves find attractive about Greece. Simple tavernas shaded by vines serving excellent fish, markets with a dazzling array of fresh produce, great coffee shops and delicatessans and some really chic shops. The beauty of Aegina is accented by its famous pistachio groves stretching down to the azure sea. Aegina is a perfect place for exploring the other very diverse islands of the Saronic group and the Peloponnese mainland.

Pretty Good Beaches

Aegina enjoys mostly sandy beaches, and the sea, as it is throughout Greece, is absolutely clean, crystalline and beautiful. Some of the best beaches are:

Klima Klidi Beach

Located on the south side of the island, this is a beautiful pine-fringed beach with sand and crystal clear water.

Sarpas Beach

Sandy beach on the southern side with umbrellas and sun loungers. In the summer there is a canteen serving food and snacks.

Vayeia Beach

This is a very nice, usually quiet, sandy beach on the northern side of Aegina.

Aiginitissa Beach

Wide sandy beach with sun loungers and umbrellas. This is a favourite with families since the water is shallow. There is also an excellent beach-side taverna.

Souvala Beach

This beach has both pebbles and sand and is known for its therapeutic hot and cold springs. It is situated north east of Aegina Town.

Agia Marina Beach

This sandy beach is located on the eastern side of the island. This is Aegina's most popular beach and has watersport facilities.

Marathonas Beach

Situated south of Aegina Town, this is an excellent beach - probably the best on the island - with sun loungers and umbrellas. Look out for Ostria Taverna which serves very good food.>>>>>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Aegina has some excellent restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars. There are plenty of traditional haunts both by the sea or in the moutains, as well as some more chic alternatives in the harbour area.

Restaurants and Tavernas

Pan Irioti Street

This street is in Aegina Town and is lined with very good traditional fish restaurants.

The Agora (Market)

The main fish market in Aegina Town ('Agora') has an excellent 'ouzeria' serving fresh fish mezedes and fish dishes

Aryiriss Taverna

Excellent home cooking at this taverna in the village of Mesagros

Ostria Taverna

Very good taverna located at Marathonas Beach.

Aiginitissa Beach Taverna

Delicious food is served at this beach side taverna.

Perdika Village

This small, traditional and picturesque fishing village has some excellent fish tavernas including 'Saronis' fish taverna just above the quayside on the left next to the church.


Situated in the beautiful stone village of Anitzeo in the mountains, Angie's has mouth-watering dishes and a great atmosphere. Very popular with the local people.>>

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Medical Centre in Aegina Town.

Tel: 22970 32775

Hospital of Aegina (Aegina Town).

Tel: 22970 22209

Pharmacy (Aegina Town).

Tel: 22970 24130 / 25317


Tel: 22970 20435 / 23481

Vet (behind main hospital).

Yiannis Basdavanos & Despoina Papachroni

Tel: 22970 24942 / 28775 / 6944 444857>>

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Pretty Cultural & Good Day Trips

The strong point of Aegina is its history, culture and architecture, its beautiful wild mountains and lush orchards and the traditional way of life that has been fused with the chic style of the contemporary Athenian.

Ancient Aegina

In ancient times, Aegina was a city state in its own right still evident in the splendid Temple Aphaea, an important example of Doric architecture.

Medieval Citadel of Palaio Chora

Palaio Chora ('Old Town') with its 37 churches is where the local population used to hide from pirates.

Monastery of Agios Nektarios

Set in a spectacular position in the mountains on the road out to Vayeia.

Mountain Villages

Aegina has some beautiful mountain villages with lovely stone houses and Byzantine churches. Anitzeo and the mountain village of Svedouri are worth visiting.


This is a picturesque fishing village with a tiny harbour and some excellent fish restaurants.

Boat trip to Moni Island

Boat trips are possible during the main season from Perdika to Moni Island. Bathe in crystal clear water and immerse yourself in the spectacular nature of the Moni Island where Chamois Cretan goat-antelopes are found as well as deer, peacocks and other wildlife. This is definitely worth a trip.


This is a small village worth exploring between Perdika and Agia Marina beach.

Monastery of the Virgin Chryssoleontissa

In a beautiful setting above the road to Marathonas Beach.

Spetses by Flying Cat

Spetses with its pine-cloaked hills, sandy coves, splendid old harbour and aristocratic heritage can be visited from Aegina. Click here for more information on Spetses.

Hydra by Flying Cat

Visit this wonderful neighbouring island with its impressive horse-shoe shaped marble harbour and chic shops, restaurants and tavernas. The interior of the island is still very traditional with white washed houses, crooked stone paths and pretty hillsides. Click here for more information on Hydra.

Aegina by Flying Cat

Aegina is one of the few islands that still encapsulates all that Greeks love about their own country. Simple tavernas shaded by vines serving excellent fish, colourful markets, great coffee shops and long pistachio groves reaching down to the sea. Click here for more information on Aegina

Angistri by boat

This smaller, undiscovered neighbouring island to Aegina is a little gem with pretty coves and fragrant pine forests. From Spetes, you need to take a Flying Cat to Aegina and from there a short ferry ride to Angistri.

Peloponnese mainland

There are regular ferries, catamarans and water taxis that can take you the short 20 mins distance to Kostas or Portoheli on the Peloponnese mainland. In high season, there is a ferry service to Ancient Epidavros each evening for the summer arts festival held at the ancient amphitheatre. The Peloponnese is where most of the major archaelogical sites are located and the beautiful Venetian town of Nafplion can be explored.>>

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Pretty Greek Cafes and Bars

There are some excellent cafes in the village of Perdika. The cafe at the beginning of the quayside has WIFI and makes great coffee, and the small bar at the end of Perdika village above the sea is also very good.

Yes Cafe, Aegina Harbour

This chic and trendy waterfront bar is very popular. It is located near where the Flying Dolphins leave. Great cocktails, drinks, coffees and snacks in atmospheric surroundings.

Tel: 22970 28306>>

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Emergency Numbers


Tel: 22970 22100

Port Police.

Tel: 22970 22328


Tel: 22970 22171

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Aegina has its fair share of the fun.

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary.>>

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Pretty Greek Shops

Aegina is a favourite haunt of the Athenian and in the last few years, some really chic shops have sprung up mostly around the harbour area of Aegina Town. Aegina is particularly well known for its ceramics and two of Greece's most distinguished contemporary ceramicists, Theodora Xorafa and Margarita Eglisiarchou have their studios on the island.


This stylish shop is located in the main shopping street of Aegina. Whilst ceramics are its speciality, the shop also stocks beautiful accessories for the home. Here you will find ceramics by local artists.

Tel: 22970 26484


Located in a beautiful neo-classical mansion near the main port of Aegina, Allegro has a colourful array of beautiful treasures for the home as well as handmade gifts and ceramics.

Tel: 22970 23780


The exquisite collections of this elegant shop will make you covet everything! It is located on the traditional street of Panagi Irioti.

Tel: 22970 28327

So Trek

This elegant shop sells a range of accessories for the home. Located on Kanari Street in Aegina Town.

Tel: 22970 29007

Greek Gifts

Located in a beautiful neo-classical mansion, Marina Makaratzi stocks beautiful gifts made by Greek artists.

Tel: 22970 22543>>>>>

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Pretty Sporty


The clean, crystalline water of Aegina is excellent for diving and dolphins are often sighted.

Aegina Scuba Diving Club, Agia Marina

Linda Johansson and Vasillis Botonis.

Tel: 22970 32029


Perdika Horseriding offers riding for all abilities including horse-riding by the sea.

Tel: +30 6948489333>>

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Boat Information.

Tel: 22970 25625

Flying Dolphin.

Tel: 22970 29027

Hellenic Seaways.

Tel: 210 4199200

Bus Information. KTEL.

Tel: 22970 22787


Tel: 22970 22635>>

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