The architecture and landscape of Andros are very different to that of the rest of the Cyclades with green hillsides covered in stone terracing, crystal clear streams and natural springs, unusual dove cots with square towers whose pigeon holes are decorated with geometric designs, rustic stone villages and handsome stone houses. The main town of the island, known as Hora (Chora), is particularly attractive with an impressive marble promenade where there are some very elegant restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique shops but without the price tag of comparable islands such as Mykonos or Santorini. The coastline has many lovely, sandy beaches and the island offers watersports and sailing.

Pretty Good Beaches

Andros has excellent sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Here are some of the best that we have found:

Chrisi Amos

Long, sandy beach and one of the most beautiful on the island with sun loungers and coconut palm umbrellas

Pidima tis Grias

'Old Lady?s Jump' - Located 2kms from Ormos this is a small beach with an extraordinary landscape. In the water is a strange rock which according to legend depicts the old lady who helped the Turks occupy the Castle of Kohylou. Regretting her act, she climbed onto the rock and jumped into the sea


Beautiful, serene beach with marvelous sand and turquoise water. A pretty chapel lies above the beach and a river behind


Situated in a large and sheltered bay, this long sandy beach has crystal clear water. There are trees for shade and a nice taverna


Long, sandy beach with the village of Korthi just behind


Set between two rocky outcrops, this is a lovely, long sandy beach with one small taverna. This is a stunning and peaceful setting.

Aghios Petros

The longest, sandy beach on Andros and often good for windsurfing>>>>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

The pastry shops of Andros are filled with honey-based sweets that scent the air. Especially try those made with a certain type of almonds or 'kaltsounia' as they are known.>>>>

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Pretty Cultural

Andros has always been a wealthy island with an interest in the Arts. From the impressive buildings found in Hora, the main town of the island, to the beautifully artistic designs of its dovecots in rural areas, examples of the island?s cultural heritage abound. Below are just a handful of interesting places to explore on the island:

Modern Art Museum

Founded by the Goulandris family and located in Hora, the main town of the island. This is one of the most important modern art galleries in Greece with exhibitions of major figures of Modern and Contemporary Art. Greek artists and sculptors include Moralis and Fasianos. There have been special exhibitions of Picasso, Kandinsky, Rodin, Richier, Cesar, Decas, Paul Klee, Monet, Van Gogh, Henry Moore and Miro. This is a truly impressive art gallery and well worth visiting

For opening times, please call: +30 22820 22444

Archaeological Museum

Situated in Hora and also donated by the Goulandris family. Exhibits from Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Roman and Byzantine periods are on display

Naval Museum

With its strong maritime and ship building heritage, this is an interesting museum dedicated to the Andriots supremacy in these areas

Kairis Library

Situated in Hora, this was the house belonging to the philosopher Theofilos Kairis. Now fully renovated, it houses an important collection of books and manuscripts from all over the world

Ancient Paleopolis

Interesting archaeological site with a museum exhibiting sculpture from the Classical and Roman eras

Ancient Zagora

One of the oldest settlements in Andros. Not much of the ancient site remains but you can still see some retaining walls and other structures


Prehistoric settlement dating back to 6,500 BC located on the western side of Andros

Monastery of Zoodoxhou Pigis

Dedicated to 'The Life-Giving Source', this is one of the oldest monasteries in the Cyclades dating back to the 9th Century AD. Byzantine in style with a stunning wooden chapel, the monastery has high walls and towers and one is struck by the number of monks? cells ? at its zenith this monastery is said to have housed 1,000 monks! It still has a small community of nuns living there.

Monastery of Aghios Nikolaos

Some say that this monastery dates back to the 9th Century, but certainly there is evidence that it dates back to the 14th Century. This is a magnificent building that overlooks the Ahla valley. The church has wonderful frescoes and a superb wooden screen. Like all good medieval monasteries, relics are still in place ? here we have the icon of St Nicholas made by a nun called Leonida who plucked out her own hair to weave it.

Monastery of the Panochratou

Located in the village of Fallika. This was built like a Byzantine fortress with panoramic views over the countryside.

Byzantine Church of Phaneromeni

Located inside the castle at the village of Kochilou

Monastery of Aghias Marinas

Very pretty and peaceful. Recently renovated by the abbot

Castle of Hora

Built by the Venetians in 1207

Castle at Kochilou

Venetian castle in the village of Kochilou. This was the biggest and most powerful medieval town in Andros during the 13th Century.

Aghios Petros Tower

There are many towers found throughout the island but this is the most famous. It dates back to the 3rd ? 4th Century BC and is made of schist rock. Stand there and be impressed!

Fortified Houses

During the 17th and 18th Century, fortified houses were built in defense of marauding pirates. These houses were built on 2-3 floors with small, narrow windows ?Masaghia? on the top floor from which to pour scalding oil on the insurgents. Examples of fortified houses are found throughout the island but look out for the ones in Korthi, Kaparia, Messaria and Bisti. The Mastro-Gianoulli house in the village of Ammolochos is an excellent example.>>>>

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From Athens, regular ferries leave from Rafina port to Gavrio port on Andros. A good website to check out the timetable is

Port Authority in Rafina +30 22940 28888

Hora Port Authority +30 22820 22250

Hora Taxi +30 22820 22171

Hora Buses +30 22820 24288

Gavrio Port +30 22820 71213>>>>

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Byzantine Chapel of Panagia Phaneromeni inside the castle at Kochilou village and the Monastery of Panachratou in the village of Fallika have two great festivals well worth catching

Monastery of Panachratou at Fallika has its feast day on 27th July with big celebrations

Peaceful little monastery of Aghias Marinas celebrates on 17th July>>>>

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Chora Health Center +30 22820 22222, 23333

Gavrio First Aid +30 22820 71210

Batsi First Aid +30 22820 41326

Messaria First Aid +30 22820 22107>>>>

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Pretty Sporty

Andros is perfect for walking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and windsurfing

Windsurfing & Watersports

Windsurfing school at Korthi. Watersports are also found at Batsi and Aghios Petros


The Andros Naval Club at Nimborio is the main sailing club of the island. Each summer sailing races are organized around the island


Andros has a network of footpaths many of them now signposted and mapped for walkers. Follow these ancient ways discovering over 6,000 years of history and tradition with wonderful nature, ancient waterways full of minerals and curative properties, diverse fauna and over 100 species of wild flowers and herbs some of which are indigenous to Andros.>>>>

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Emergency Numbers

Korthi Police Station +30 22820 61211

Gavrio Police Station +30 22820 71220

Chora Police Station +30 22820 22300

Batsi Police Station +30 22820 41204

Batsi Port Station +30 22820 41986>>>>

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