The island has many pretty villages and traditional fishing harbours including the town of Glossa on the northern side of the island whose little streets of white-washed houses cascade gently down the hillside to the deep blue of the sea below. The island is a paradise for swimming, snorkeling and sailing with many coves and beaches to discover. Inland, there are a myriad ancient tracks and mule paths making it an ideal island for walkers too.

The Pretty Good Guide

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Pretty good recommendations

Korali Restaurant


Located in the little harbour and excellent for fish.

Tel: (+30) 2424 022407



Terpsis Restauranta

Stafylos Village

This lovely family owned restaurant has been operating since 1960. You can relax and enjoy your meal in a quiet courtyard. Great place for meat lovers.

Tel: (+30) 2424 022053



Flisvos Seafood Taverna


Offers Greek cuisine dishes and fresh fish right on the seashore.

Tel: (+30) 2424 033856



Agnanti Restaurant

Glossa Town

A little tavern that opened in 1953 has today become a great modern restaurant without losing any of its atmosphere and originality. Despite delicious dishes offer a awesome view from it\'s balcony.

Tel: (+30) 24240 33076 & (+30) 24240 33606


Pavlos Fish Taverna


Located just by the sea, with a huge myrtle for shade and views of the fishing boats. You will find excellent fresh fish.

Tel: (+30) 2424 022409



Rigas Restaurant Snack Bar


A traditional Greek restaurant right on the sea. It serves Greek dishes and fresh fish.

Tel: (+30) 2424 023377



Alexander\'s Garden Restaurant

Skopelos Town

Family owned restaurant, relaxing, with good atmosphere and great dishes.
Fabulous service is something guests appreciate here.

Tel: (+30) 2424 022324



Nikos Taverna


It offers fresh fish, traditional Greek dishes and great views to Panormos bay. The tables are located right on the pebbles of the beach.

Tel: (+30) 2424 023378Ταβ?ρνα-Ο-ΝΙΚΟΣ-Π?νορμος-Σκοπ?λου-285759621545933/



Bardon Bar

Skopelos Town

An old Olive Oil Factory turned to a beautiful bar with great atmosphere, excellent cocktails and drinks.

Tel: (+30) 2424 024494



Keep an eye out for our trusted mark in the windows of restaurants, bars and tarvenas. This sticker reveals places we highly recommend, so you dont miss out on any local secrets.

Pretty local beaches

Pretty good things to do

Glossa Village

This is Skopelos’ second major settlement located on the north side of the island closest to the villa. Glossa is built amphitheatrically on the side of a hill about 250 meters above the sea. It is surrounded by pristine nature with pine forests, almonds and age--old plane trees. The architecture in Glossa consists of two-- storey whitewashed houses with wooden balconies and tiled roofs. The port of this lovely village is called Loutraki and is the second port of the island. Loutraki itself is very pretty nestled amongst a backdrop of virgin forests with traditional tavernas offering fresh--caught fish. Ruins of Roman baths can be found near the port as well as 4th century BC remains of the citadel of ancient Selinous and a 5th century temple of Athena.


Skopelos Town & Kastro

This enchanting town (known as Hora) that seems to have sprung from a fairy-- tale is the main town of the island. It has lovely whitewashed houses with traditional terracotta tiled roofs, flower gardens with a profusion of scents and colours and romantic balconies above its little streets. Its fountains, and many pretty, white churches, its narrow streets and alleys and winding stone stairways, all add to the sense of timelessness and charm.
Crowning the town is Kastro – the Castle -- built in 340 BC by Philip II of Macedonia and from which only ruins of the walls have survived. In the heart of Kastro is the oldest church of the town, the 17th century basilica of Agios Athanassios whose initial edifice was built in the 9th century on the ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena. The views from Kastro are sensational.


Agios Ioannis Church

This is where the wedding scenes of Mamma Mia were filmed. The small church of Agios Ioannis is located in the region of Kastri, about 7 km east of Glossa town. This is a lovely church that used to be the katholicon of a monastery in the past. It stands on top of a rock and provides amazing view to the coasts of Skopelos and Alonissos. Its name actually means Saint John on the Castle, so it is thought that in former times there was probably a small castle there in the past to protect the islanders from pirates. The interior of the church has beautiful icons and old ecclesiastical items.


The Museum of Cultural Heritage & Library of Perseus Athineos

Located in Glossa, this museum dedicated to the history of Skopelos is housed in a handsome stone house which has been recently restored.


Folklore Museum

Located in Skopelos, the museum is housed in a traditional three--storey building, donated by the Nickolaides family to the municipality of the island in 1991. On exhibition are magnificent pieces produced by local artisans in the 19th & 20th Centuries-- such as embroidery, weaving and handicraft work, ceramics and agricultural tools are all on display.


Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria

Established in 1712 by monks from Mount Athos, this imposing monastery built on the side of the mountain has stunning panoramic views. The church has a huge, impressive gold plated 14th century alter screen from Constantinople as well as very interesting and valuable icons.


Monastery of Timios Prodromos

Located 6 km east of Skopelos Town, Constructed in the 17th century, and this monastery is open to the public. It hosts a small museum with holy icons, ecclesiastical relics and official papers from the past.


Windsurfing & Watersports

Water sports can be found at Panormos beach as well as Milia beach. Milia is also one of the best beaches for windsurfing.



Skopelos has a network of footpaths and old mule tracks. Follow these ancient ways discovering history and tradition, wonderful nature, diverse fauna and over many species of wild flowers and herbs.


Pretty useful phone numbers


Pretty Greek Villas:
Tel: (+30) 2696 061414 or (+30) 211 7803203




Health Centre:
Tel: (+30) 2424 02222





Emergency Call:



Doctors SOS:

Road Assistance:
10400 (ELPA)


Pretty important


Greece sewerage operates on a septic tank which is the reason for the seas being so clean. However, this means that you CANNOT put any toilet paper, sanitary towels or baby nappies down the toilet. If you do, it can cause serious blockage requiring a plumber. Please remember to put all paper etc in the bin provided next to the toilet. We do not like to deduct from a security deposit but if the plumber is called and it is because paper has been put into the toilet during your stay, the cost of the repair will need to be deducted from your security deposit.


Suntan lotions

Some suntan lotions and oils contain a dye that leaves a permanent orange stain on towels, linens and pool liners. Please avoid using these suntan products because most villa owners will now request to deduct from the security deposit in order to replace items that have been dyed. When using the pool, please shower before entering.



In this area the tap water is drinkable. Since water is scarce in the summer in Greece, please use only what you need.



If your villa has air-conditioning, please close all doors and windows when in use. Some villas have a system where if a door or window is left open, the air-con will not work so please check this first if you are experiencing problems.


Hot water

The hot water system for most villas is on an immersion system. This means you need to switch on the boiler for the water to be heated. The switch will be in the main electricity panel of the house and usually is turned on for your arrival. It is easy by mistake to turn this off during your stay, so if you find that you do not have hot water then please check the electricity panel first.



Most villas will have a dishwasher. Please rinse plates before putting them inside. Some areas of Greece (such as Porto Heli) have a very high salt level in the water so dishwashers do not work very well and you may find that glasses and cutlery are smeared.



Greece can be very windy so we would be very appreciative if you could close any sun umbrellas at the villa when windy to avoid them breaking or flying away.



All villas are situated in the countryside so if screen doors or shutters have been fitted please use them so that unwanted animals don’t get inside the house. The villas are all thoroughly cleaned before arrival but it is still possible that you may see the odd spider, mice, rat, scorpion, cockroach, snake or lizard inside. If you do and think it is a problem, please let us know so that we can deal with it straightaway. Wasps – it is impossible to know in advance whether wasps are going to be prevalent in a particular location or not. If you do find that wasps are a nuisance, burning Greek coffee on a plate seems to keep them away.


Siesta Time

For villas that are situated within villages and towns, the siesta hours are 14:30hrs – 17:30hrs. During this time, please try to make as little noise as possible.


Shop & Bank Opening Hours

Large chain supermarkets (such as AB, Galaxias, Carrefour) are open Monday toSaturday from around 08:30hrs – 20:45hrs. Closed on Sundays.

Most other shops are open as follows:
Monday: 08:03hrs – 13:30hrs
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs
Saturdays and Sundays: On most islands, shops are open 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs.

However, in traditional places frequented mainly by Greeks you will find that shops will be open on Saturdays until 13:30hrs and closed on Sundays.

Banks vary but are generally open from 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs. Some banks stay open for an hour or two longer.
Bakeries and mini - markets tend to be open every day


Taxis and Porters

Taxis, porters and car hire are not included in the price of your villa. Please settle up directly with your driver, porter or car hire representative. When departing from your villa, if you require a taxi or porter, please ring or email us 24-48hrs in advance to arrange.

If you pre-book a taxi and do not notify us to cancel it, we will deduct this from your security deposit. Please note that we need to receive the cancellation in writing 24 hrs at least before the time you have booked the taxi. For airport transfers, we need at least 1 month’s notice in July/August and at least 2 weeks notice in all other months so that your booking can be replaced



Greece is still generally a very safe country. However, when you are not at your villa please close windows and lock the doors.



Please dispose of your garbage regularly because the high temperatures can attract vermin if left for too long. Unfortunately, very few areas of Greece have recycling so please put your rubbish in the nearest municipal bins (usually green). On Hydra, there are also lots of cats so please don’t leave rubbish bags outside.


Transport to greece

Charter flight companies from various European airports fly directly into Skiathos.

Three good websites for flights from the UK are

A good UK flight agent is
Scott at Belgrave Travel on 01708 380357 or
Barry Lewis at Charter Flights on 02087 140 025 or
email him

For non-UK flights, a good website is


There are three ways to reach Skopelos:

Fly to Skiathos and then take a connecting ferry to Skopelos.
Fly to Athens, transfer to Agios Konstantinos by taxi or coach and then take a ferry to Skopelos.
Drive to Volos and take the ferry or High Speed Catamaran to Skopelos. (For guests travelling from Eastern Europe, or flying to Volos or Thessaloniki.)


Transport in greece

From Skiathos airport to Skiathos Port

If arriving into Skiathos Airport, you can either take a taxi from the airport to the port, or you can pre-book a transfer through us. A map of Skiathos Airport showing the location of the taxi rank is below:


Skiathos Airport is about 2 kms from the town of Skiathos and the port where ferries depart to Skopelos.


Ferry from Skiathos to Skopelos

Information can be found by clicking on the links below. (Please note that timetables are published from around early May of each year.)

Map of Skiathos port showing location of ticket office and ferry terminal:

The price of a round trip ticket is approx Euro 33 per adult.


From Skiathos airport to Skiathos Port

You will be met at the airport and handed a pre-paid ferry/hydrofoil ticket for the next available crossing and provided a transfer to the port. This service ensures that you will not have to wait for a taxi to become available at the airport and the ferry ticket you are given is valid on any crossing.
The cost which includes the person meeting you, the transfer to the port and the outbound ferry ticket is E 36/per person.


From Skopelos Port to Villas

If you are not hiring a car and you do not require someone to escort you to your villa and you arrive before dusk, we can arrange for a taxi to meet you at Skopelos port.
This service is charged at €20 per taxi for those staying in or around Skopelos Town; €30 per taxi for those staying in Stafilos/Raches area and €40 for those staying in Panormos/Glossa and all other areas.


Hire a car on Skopelos

Please note that under Greek law anyone without an EU Driver’s Licence must carry an International Driver’s Licence in conjunction with their home country licence.

Skopelos Car Hire rates 2020


Car Type


Low Season 

Price/week Mid Season


High Season


Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Celerio





Fiat Panda, Suzuki Splash





Fiat Punto, Suzuki Swift, Citroen C






Automatic Car to be confirmed





Suzuki Jimny Cabrio, Fiat Panda 4x4





Opel Astra, Suzuki Baleno





Suzuki Vitara SUV, Opel Zafira 7 seats, Opel Insignia








BMW X3, Opel Antara





Low Season: 1 – 31 May & 14 Sept – 30 Oct;
Mid Season: 1 June to 1 July & 1 -15 Sept ;
High Season: July 1 to 31 Aug.
Prices include: Unlimited Mileage; All taxes and VAT; Free Delivery and Pick-Up from Skopelos Port; Comprehensive Insurance (CDW) in excess of Euro 400 + VAT on Categories A & B, of Euro 500 +VAT on Category C, and of Euro 700 on Category D; Theft Protection; Passenger Insurance; Second Driver Free of Charge; Baby/Booster Seats Euro 3 per day to a maximum of Euro 25. Please note that for pick-up/drop-off at Glossa Port there is a Euro 35 charge per booking.


From Athens Airport to Agios Konstantinos Port

The journey from Athens Airport to Agios Konstantinos port takes approx. 2 1/2 hrs by taxi.

Pretty Greek Villas can pre-book a taxi transfer on your behalf. Taxis are payable at the same time as the balance for your villa. The taxi driver will wait for you in the Arrivals Hall of the Airport holding a sign with your name on it. If you cannot find the taxi driver please call our emergency number 0030 211 780 3203.

Taxi prices from Athens Airport to Agios Konstantinos are as follows:



Type of Taxi


Athens Taxi (up to 4 passengers)


Luxury Car (up to 3 passengers)


Luxury Mini-Van (4 – 8 passengers)


Luxury Mini-Bus (up to 16 passengers)




From Athens Airport to Agios Konstantinos Port

The coach takes longer than the taxi since it leaves from central Athens.

The coach departure point to Agios Konstantinos is situated in the centre of Athens. Tickets can be bought from Alkyon Travel which is located at 97 Akadimias Street, Kaningos Square.

The coach departs from outside Alkyon Travel.
The distance from Athens airport to Alkyon Travel is 33 km.

The cost of the coach ticket is approx. Euro 20 each way per adult plus the cost of the Ferry/High Speed Cat which is approx. Euro 50 per adult.

If you would like us to organise a taxi or mini bus transfer from the airport, please could you indicate this in the Special Requests box of your Arrival Form.

To reach Alkyon travel by Metro please take the Metro to Omonia which is located on the
red line

When you leave Omonia Metro Station, please follow the following walking route. B marks the location of Alkyon Travel.




From Athens Airport to Coach Service

Pretty Greek Villas can pre-book a taxi transfer on your behalf. Taxis are payable at the same time as the balance for your villa. The taxi driver will wait for you in the Arrivals Hall of the Airport holding a sign with your name on it. If you cannot find the taxi driver please call our emergency number 0030 211 780 3203.

Taxi prices from Athens Airport to Alkyon Travel are as follows:

Type of Taxi


Athens Taxi (up to 4 passengers)


Luxury Mini-Van (4 – 8 passengers)


Luxury Mini-Bus (up to 14 passengers)


Luxury Mini-Bus (up to 21 passengers)




Ferry from Agios Konstantinos Port to Skopelos Port

It is possible to pre-book your boat tickets online. Tickets can be booked on the websites listed below. You will be asked to print your online receipt and you will exchange this receipt for a proper boat ticket at the ferry office shown above in Agios Konstantinos.

Please note that timetables are usually published at the beginning of May each year.


Recommend boat hire

Please reserve your boat hire through the 'Manage Your Booking' section to our website. If you require your access codes, please contact one of the PGV team.

Boat Hire on Skopelos

Skopelos Boat Hire Rates 2020

Engine Size

Daily Rate

15 h/p


30 h/p



A power-boat licence is not required for boats under 50 h/p.
Boats are collected in front of Psarianos Beach Apartments / Panormos Beach from 10:00 and must be returned by 18:30 each day.
The boats were built in Spring 2007 and are equipped with all necessary safety equipment and licensed by the port authorities.
All have sun canopies.
Fuel is not included in the price.
Both 15 & 30 h/p boats can be hired for maximum 4 passengers.
Boats are insured against third party liability and for material damages in excess of €400 according to the port authority regulations. Propellers and damage to the underside of the boat are not covered.