Ionian Islands

Zakynthos has lush, fertile valleys, pine-scented mountains with traditional hilltop villages, long sandy beaches and azure seas. In Venetian times, Zakynthos was known as the flower of the Orient. The island is rich in beauty, tradition, history and culture and its Italianesque architecture is still much in evidence today.


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Pretty good recommendations

La Storia Restaurant

Volimes (Agios Nikolaos port)

A traditional Greek restaurant offering traditional Zakynthian and Greek cuisine. They also host a Greek evening in the summer season on Friday nights which is always fun. It is a great choice for lunch and dinner as well.
Tel: (+30) 2695 031635

Mahogani Art Cafe


A great place for a drink either before or after dinner. Lots of wonderful whacky art and there is nothing you cannot find to drink here. Great for a nightcap and the place is always full of all ages.
Tel: (+30) 697 703 9383

Kaminaki Taverna

Ano Volimes

It is run by a very amusing Greek called Dennis and definitely worth a visit. They serve wonderful barbequed food and all the other typical Greek food.
Tel: (+30) 26950 31304

La Bruschetta Restaurant

Limni Keri

Italian cuisine in an elegant terrace. Great views of the bay of Marathias. Awesome fresh pasta dishes and Italian pizzas.
Tel: (+30) 2695 028128

La Grotta Restaurant


This restaurant mainly operates for the day trippers at lunchtime. They serve greek dishes and fresh fish.
Tel: (+30) 2695 031505

Mikro Nisi Restaurant

Volimes (Agios Nikolaos port)

It is located on the coast in the hamlet of Micro Nisi opposite the Micro Nisi island and which resembles a small fishing village. There is a pontoon (of sorts) and some small fishing and day boats moored in the water. The restaurant is set above the water’s edge and is most definitely worth a visit.
Tel: (+30) 697 305 0680

Remezzo Restaurant

Limni Keri

A family run restaurant serving sea food and Greek dishes. Friendly atmosphere and great views.
Tel: (+30) 2695 048784

Pitsolo's Taverna

Limni Keri

A traditional Greek restaurant. Old fashioned but very tasty and fresh cooked dishes.


Orizodes Restaurant


This restaurant has blue tablecloths and is very reasonable. In fact always take spray in the evening in July/ August if you are by the sea.
Tel: (+30) 2695 031627

Niko's by the Sea Restaurant

Agios Nikolaos (Port)

A restaurant with very good food and amazing views.
Tel: (+30) 694 767 0624

Keri Taverna

Limni Keri

Offers Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Friendly atmosphere and great views from the roof garden.
Tel: (+30) 26950 43756

Keep an eye out for our trusted mark in the windows of restaurants, bars and tarvenas. This sticker reveals places we highly recommend, so you dont miss out on any local secrets.


Pretty local beaches


Pretty good things to do


Diving Centre Turtle Beach is located at Limni Keriou and is highly recommended. 
Tel: (+30) 26950 49424 
Mob: (+30) 6944 375597

Day trip to Marathonisi Island by Boat

This is a protected marine park where the Caretta-Caretta turtle is found. The lush green of the island, its stunning rock formations, caves and beaches are well worth visiting.

Day trip to Blue Caves & Navagio Beach (smugglers’ beach) by boat

The incredible colour of the sea and the weird formations of the Blue Caves make this trip an essential day out. The Navagio Beach has been famous since a cargo ship carrying contraband was ship wrecked there and still lies embedded on the white sand. Potamitis Brothers run boat trips from Skinari to the beach and caves.
Tel: (+30) 26950 31132 
Mob: (+30) 6972 055711.

Askos Stone Park

Located in the northern part of Zakynthos near Volimes, Askos is a nature lover’s paradise with lovely woodland walks, nature trails and glimpses of wild life.

Xigia Beach-Natural Spa

Located 20 km north of Zakynthos Town, this small, shingle beach is known for its sulphurous springs which have therapeutic properties.

Sunset at the Keri Lighthouse

This has to be one of the best places on Zakynthos to watch the sunset.

Explore Mountain villages

Keri, Lithakia, Macherado and Koiliomeno are excellent choices to experience the traditional life of Zakynthos and the warm hospitality of the people.

The Byzantine Museum

It was built after the earthquake of 1953. In the museum you can see how the island was before the earthquake. It also contains Byzantine icons, wood carvings, impressive temples and shrines, murals, paintings from the 15th, 16th and 17th century by artists including Doxaras, Koutouzis, Kallergis, Damaskinos and Tzanes.

Zakynthos Castle

It is built on ancient ruins of the ancient acropolis of the island, named Psofida. It is believed that it was built in 1480. During the Venetian rule, the Castle was the capital of Zakynthos island. Soon after been built, the castle was destroyed by invading Turks. In 1514, was repaired, again by the Venetians.

Monastery of Theotokos Anaphonitria or Monastery of Saint Dennis

It was built in the middle of the 15th century. Here St. Dionysios took refuge and lived as a monk.

Monastery of Saint George

Located in the area of Gremnon. Founded in 1535 it was once home to the notable Gerasimos Notaras, who later became the patron saint of Kefalonia.


Monastery of John the Baptist (Prodromos)

It is one of Zante’s most iconic buildings. It was built in the 16th Century. The interior of the building is home to famous works of art and religious images of devotion.

Monastery of the Liberator Holy Mother (Eleftheotria)

It looks more like being in a castle than in a monastery and the towers battlements are very characteristic so as the white and red of the windows and the arches of which the building consists.


Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Zakynthos has its fair share of fun

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary. Best villages on Zakynthos to participate are Vasilikos and Katastari. 

Feast of Agia Mavra, 3rd May

Celebrated at the main church in the village of Macherado with traditional dancing and food in the square afterwards.


Feast of Agios Dionyssis, 24th August & 17th December

This Feast is in honour of the Patron Saint of the island, St Denis. The August feast celebrates the memory of the transportation of the saint’s body from the monastery of Strofadi to the church of Agios Dionyssis. The December feast takes place on the anniversary of his death. Both festivals last for 3 days – after the religious ceremonies, there is dancing, music, feasting and drinking.

Wine Festival, last days of August through to first days of September

The excellent new wines of Zakynthos are tasted and fêted in the main town of Zakynthos.


Zakynthos is an island full of natural beauty especially in the springtime and autumn when the island is carpeted in flowers. Beautiful walks can be found all over the island but the scenery is particularly stunning in the mountains above Keri and in northern Zakynthos above Volimes.

Horse riding

Yiannis Horses at Kato Gerakari (near Alykes and Alykanas). Yiannis has 30 licensed horses and organises horse-riding through the local countryside 
Tel: (+30) 697 576 9091


Tennis courts can be found at most of the large hotels on the island including: 
Caravel Zante Hotel, Planos 
Tel: (+30) 2695 045261
Louis Imperial Zante Hotel, Vasilikos 
Tel: (+30) 2695 035121
Louis Palazzo Hotel, Vasilikos
Tel: (+30) 2695 035121

Jeep Safari

Zakfari Tours offer fully licensed and comprehensively insured ‘Jeep Safaris’. The company has a fleet of Land Rovers and does daily tours of Zakynthos. Please enquire

Pretty useful phone numbers


Pretty Greek Villas:
(+30) 2696 061414 or (+30) 211 7803203

Bus Station:
(+30) 2695 042656

Local Ferry:
(+30) 2695 048301




Tel: (+30) 2695 043020

Tel: (+30) 2695 059100




Tel: (+30) 2695 024479

Fire Station:
Tel: (+30) 2695 022199




Pretty important


Greece sewerage operates on a septic tank which is the reason for the seas being so clean. However, this means that you CANNOT put any toilet paper, sanitary towels or baby nappies down the toilet. If you do, it can cause serious blockage requiring a plumber. Please remember to put all paper etc in the bin provided next to the toilet. We do not like to deduct from a security deposit but if the plumber is called and it is because paper has been put into the toilet during your stay, the cost of the repair will need to be deducted from your security deposit.


Suntan lotions

Some suntan lotions and oils contain a dye that leaves a permanent orange stain on towels, linens and pool liners. Please avoid using these suntan products because most villa owners will now request to deduct from the security deposit in order to replace items that have been dyed. When using the pool, please shower before entering.



In this area the tap water is not drinkable. It is fine for cooking and brushing teeth. Since water is scarce in the summer in Greece, please use only what you need.



If your villa has air-conditioning, please close all doors and windows when in use. Some villas have a system where if a door or window is left open, the air-con will not work so please check this first if you are experiencing problems.


Hot water

The hot water system for most villas is on an immersion system. This means you need to switch on the boiler for the water to be heated. The switch will be in the main electricity panel of the house and usually is turned on for your arrival. It is easy by mistake to turn this off during your stay, so if you find that you do not have hot water then please check the electricity panel first.



Most villas will have a dishwasher. Please rinse plates before putting them inside. Some areas of Greece (such as Porto Heli) have a very high salt level in the water so dishwashers do not work very well and you may find that glasses and cutlery are smeared.



Greece can be very windy so we would be very appreciative if you could close any sun umbrellas at the villa when windy to avoid them breaking or flying away.



All villas are situated in the countryside so if screen doors or shutters have been fitted please use them so that unwanted animals don’t get inside the house. The villas are all thoroughly cleaned before arrival but it is still possible that you may see the odd spider, mice, rat, scorpion, cockroach, snake or lizard inside. If you do and think it is a problem, please let us know so that we can deal with it straightaway. Wasps – it is impossible to know in advance whether wasps are going to be prevalent in a particular location or not. If you do find that wasps are a nuisance, burning Greek coffee on a plate seems to keep them away.


Siesta Time

For villas that are situated within villages and towns, the siesta hours are 14:30hrs – 17:30hrs. During this time, please try to make as little noise as possible.


Shop & Bank Opening Hours

Large chain supermarkets (such as AB, Galaxias, Carrefour) are open Monday to Saturday from around 08:30hrs – 20:45hrs. Closed on Sundays.
Most other shops are open as follows:
Monday: 08:03hrs – 13:30hrs
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs
Saturdays and Sundays: On most islands, shops are open 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs. However, in traditional places frequented mainly by Greeks you will find that shops will be open on Saturdays until 13:30hrs and closed on Sundays.
Banks vary but are generally open from 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs. Some banks stay open for an hour or two longer.
Bakeries and mini-markets tend to be open every day.


Taxis and Porters

Taxis, porters and car hire are not included in the price of your villa. Please settle up directly with your driver, porter or car hire representative. When departing from your villa, if you require a taxi or porter, please ring or email us 24-48hrs in advance to arrange.
If you pre-book a taxi and do not notify us to cancel it, we will deduct this from your security deposit. Please note that we need to receive the cancellation in writing 24 hrs at least before the time you have booked the taxi. For airport transfers, we need at least 1 month’s notice in July/August and at least 2 weeks notice in all other months so that your booking can be replaced.



Greece is still generally a very safe country. However, when you are not at your villa please close windows and lock the doors.



Please dispose of your garbage regularly because the high temperatures can attract vermin if left for too long. Unfortunately, very few areas of Greece have recycling so please put your rubbish in the nearest municipal bins (usually green). On Hydra, there are also lots of cats so please don’t leave rubbish bags outside.



It is very rare for us to deduct money from a security deposit and we do not deduct money for the odd glass, cup or plate that might get broken. However, if you do happen to break or damage something please let us know.


Departure Time

At the end of your holiday, please vacate your villa by 10:00hrs unless we have agreed a later time with you. If the housekeeper is not there when you leave, please leave keys on dining table.


Transport to greece

It is essential that you inform us of your flight details in your 'Manage Your Booking' section to our website. We sent you your login information at the time of booking. If you require your access codes, please contact one of the PGV team. or search your emails for Reservation Link and Arrival Guide.
Three good websites for flights from the UK are
Easyjet also fly into Athens from various European airports:

For non-UK flights, a good website is

Please contact one of the PGV team for advice about where to book flights.

There are three ways to get to Zakynthos:

Fly direct to Zakynthos (Zante).
Fly to Athens, drive to Killini and take the ferry to Zakynthos town.
Fly to Kefalonia, take the ferry from Pessada port to Aghios Nikolaos/Skinari port on Zakynthos (only relevant to those combining a holiday on Kefalonia and Zakynthos).

Transport in greece

From Athens Airport to Killini Port

The drive from Athens to Killini takes approx. 4 hrs.

Guests travelling from outside the EU need an international driving licence and their normal domestic driving licence in order to hire a car in Greece.

GroupCar Type01/04 – 31/0501/06 – 30/0601/07 – 25/0826/08 – 30/1001/11 – 31/03
APEUGEOT 108285337466330194
BFIAT PANDA296352488340203
CCITROEN C3321414511359231
DTOYOTA AURIS342436533378292
F2DNISSAN NV 300 9S95410201214900567
F7DNISSAN EVALIA 7S7798411020756453
G2PEUGEOT 301 AUTO472576846604330
G4AUDI A3 AUTO6147081005718359
GMNISSAN MICRA AUTO330445550393236
H1RENAULT KADJAR557774952680330
KPEUGEOT 301463538602430278
Ferry from Killini port to Zakynthos port

The ferry to Zakynthos takes approx. 1 hr 30 mins
For information on the ferry timetables, please click on the link below. Tickets are purchased at the port or online. Their App is really good! Download it!

From Athens Airport to Kyllini Port

For guests staying at villas where car hire is not necessary or if any members of your party are arriving separately, we can arrange a taxi transfer from Athens Airport to Kyllini port.
If you are interested in a taxi transfer from Athens Airport to Kyllini port, please write this in the Special Requests box on your Arrival Form.

Type of TaxiPrice
Athens Taxi (up to 4 passengers)€400
Taxi Transfer from Zakynthos Port to Villas

For guests staying at villas where car hire is not necessary or if any members of your party are arriving separately, we can arrange a taxi transfer from Zakynthos port to your villa. If you are interested in a taxi transfer from Zakynthos port to your villa, please write this in the Special Requests box on your Arrival Form.

LOCATIONTaxi (4 seats)Minibus (8 seats)Minibus (16 seats)
Aghios Nikolaos€49€135€155
Aghios Sostis€19€60€80
Keri (Limni Keriou)€32€66€90

Recommend boat hire

Please reserve your boat hire through the 'Manage Your Booking' section to our website. If you require your access codes, please contact one of the PGV team.

Boat Hire on Zakynthos

We recommend boat hire for guests staying around the south-east part of the island. The coves in the Keri region and island of Marathonissi are breathtakingly beautiful and there is a local boat hire company.

Big Blue Motor Boat Rentals are located on the beach at Limni Keriou. The motor boats are 30h/p luxury Ranieri motorboats with centre consoles and electrical power trim. Each boat is supplied with a GPS satellite location finder so you can be easily located in case of emergency making renting a boat for the day completely safe for the inexperienced skipper.

BoatMay and JuneJuly and SeptemberAugust
30 HP 5.5 Metres Long€70/day€90/day€110/day

The above rates are for 4 persons per boat. For extra persons there is a 10% surcharge. Prices include VAT and local taxes but do not include fuel. All boats are fully licensed and equipped with life jackets and safety devices.