Ionian Islands

Zakynthos has lush, fertile valleys, pine-scented mountains with traditional hilltop villages, long sandy beaches and azure seas. In Venetian times, Zakynthos was known as the flower of the Orient. The island is rich in beauty, tradition, history and culture and its Italianesque architecture is still much in evidence today.


Pretty Good Beaches

Amoudi Beach (Golden Sands)

A quiet beach that has a long stretch of beautiful sand with shallow shelf ideal for children

Alykes & Alikanas Beach

3 kms of sandy beach with watersports facilities and lots of beach bars and tavernas

Keri Beach

A traditional fishing harbour lines this pretty beach which has a stunning view of Marathonisi Island where the Caretta-Caretta turtles are found

Beach on Marathonisi Island

This is very near to Keri and is accessible only by boat. This small island is the nesting place of the Caretta-Caretta turtle and the beach is stunning

Gerakas Beach

Long, sandy beach with beautiful natural surroundings and no shops or bars

Porto Koukla

Beautiful sandy beach surrounded by nature

Port Roma in Vasilikos

Gorgeous sandy beaches with excellent fish tavernas

Navagio Beach

This is the famous smugglers beach located on the northern tip of Zakynthos. It is accessible only by boat from Skinari or Agios Nikolaos>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Sporty


Zakynthos has crystalline sea and a coastline with many caves to explore. The island is home to the carretta-carretta turtle, the monk seal and a large variety of weird and wonderful marine life.

Diving Center Turtle Beach, Limni Keriou (Keri). 6944 375597


Zakynthos is an island full of natural beauty especially in the springtime and autumn when the island is carpeted in flowers. Beautiful walks can be found all over the island but the scenery is particularly stunning in the mountains above Keri and in northern Zakynthos above Volimes


Yiannis Horses at Kato Gerakari (near Alykes and Alykanas). Yiannis has 30 licensed horses and organises horse-riding through the local countryside

Tel: 26950 62121


On Zakynthos, just about every type of watersport can be found.

Vasilikos Water Sport Centre, Vasilikos. Paragliding, water ski, jet ski, pedaloes and canoes.

Tel: 26950 35325.

Alykes Water Sports, Alykes. Paragliding, water ski, jet ski, pedaloes and canoes

Tel: 693 8081187

Mountain Bike Hire & Tours

Best Tours can organise a whole range of activities including mountain bike tours.

Best Tours of Zakynthos.

Tel: 26950 24808


Best Tours of Zakynthos

Tel: 26950 24808


Best Tours of Zakynthos.

Tel: 26950 24808

Also, tennis courts can be found at most of the large hotels on the island including:

Caravel Zante Hotel, Planos. Tel: 26950 45261

Louis Imperial Zante Hotel, Vasilikos. Tel: 26950 35121

Louis Palazzo Hotel, Vasilikos. Tel: 26950 35121

Jeep Safari

Zakfari Tours offer fully licensed and comprehensively insured - Jeep Safaris. The company has a fleet of Land Rovers and does daily tours of Zakynthos.

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Pretty Good Day Trips

Marathonisi Island by boat

This is a protected marine park where the Caretta-Caretta turtle is found. The lush green of the island, its stunning rock formations, caves and beaches are well worth visiting.

Blue Caves & Navagio Beach (smugglers beach) by boat

The incredible colour of the sea and the weird formations of the Blue Caves make this trip an essential day out. The Navagio Beach has been famous since a cargo ship carrying contraband was ship wrecked there and still lies embedded on the white sand. Potamitis Brothers run boat trips from Skinari to the beach and caves.

Tel: 26950 31132 or 697 2055711.

Askos Natural Park

Located in the northern part of Zakynthos near Volimes, Askos is a nature lover's paradise with lovely woodland walks, nature trails and glimpses of wild life.

Curative sulphurous springs at Xygia (near to Askos Natural Park.)

Located 20 km north of Zakynthos Town, this small, shingle beach is known for its sulphurous springs which have therapeutic properties.

Sunset at the Keri Lighthouse

Has to be one of the best places on Zakynthos to watch the sunset.

Explore mountain villages

Keri, Lithakia, Macherado and Koiliomeno are excellent choices to experience the traditional life of Zakynthos and the warm hospitality of the people.

Kefalonia by boat

There are two boats per day (March - October). The boat departs from Agios Nikolaos on Zakynthos and from Pessada on Kefalonia. The journey time is 70 minutes. If you are not on a coach tour, transport by car or moped is essential since neither port is served by local buses. From Kefalonia, there are regular ferry connections to Ithaka and Lefkada (Lefkas).

Ferries Zakynthos - Kefalonia 26950 23984 (Booking Office)

(Agios Nikolaos to Pesada) 28 Lomvardou Street, Zakynthos Town

Peloponnese mainland by boat

There are several boats a day from Zakynthos Town's main port to Kyllini on the Peloponnese mainland. The journey time is about 1 - 1 ? hours. Most of the major archaeological sites are found on the Peloponnese mainland including Olympia.

Ferries Zakynthos - Kyllini(Peloponnese) 26950 22083 / 41500 (Booking Office)

1 Lomvardou Street, Zakynthos Town>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Zakynthos still has a traditional thriving farming community and local organic produce can be found at some of the more traditional tavernas. Look out for local dishes such as stuffed chicken or rabbit, aubergine in garlic sauce (skordostoumbi melitzana), beef ragout and tsilipoulo an Easter dish made from the intestines and offal of kid or lamb, not to mention the freshest fish.

Zakynthos is famous for its fine olive oil, oil cheese (ladotyri), cured bacon (pantseta) sweets such as pasteli caramelised sesame seeds with honey - and the most heavenly nougat, as well as some fine wines such as Verdea (dry) and Mastelado (semi-dry)


The Tratta, Limni Keriou

First-class Zakynthian cooking and fresh fish from the boats in the harbour.

Tzanetos, Limni Keriou

Traditional Greek cooking and fresh fish.

Portokali, Argassi

We think one of the finest restaurants/cafes on the island.

Porto Roma and Gerakas

Excellent fish tavernas.

La Piscina, Amoudi

Good French cuisine makes a nice change

Tasos, Amoudi

Good traditional Greek home cooking. All dishes can also be taken away.


Some of the most excellent Greek cuisine that we have tasted. The taverna is perched on the side of the main sea road just above Xygia beach and has spectacular views.


Situated on a hill with a bird's eye view over the lush valley and mountains, beyond, Lofos offers a variety of dishes. Their pizzas are excellent.

Tel: 26950 62643

Bars & Cafes


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Pretty Cultural

Byzantine Museum, Zakynthos Town

Frescoes and old icons

Tel: 26950 42714

Zakynthos Castle, Zakynthos Town

Tel: 26950 48099

Monastery of Theotokos Anaphonitria, near Volimes

Monastery of St Denis located in a spectacular mountain setting.

Monastery of St George, Volimes

16th Century monastery in mountain setting.

Monastery of John-the-Baptist, Katastari

16th Century monastery.

Monastery of the St Marys, Macherado

8th Century monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalen

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Zakynthos has its fair share of fun

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary. Best villages on Zakynthos to participate are Vasilikos and Katastari.

Feast of Agia Mavra, 3rd May

Celebrated at the main church in the village of Macherado with traditional dancing and food in the square afterwards.

Feast of Agios Dionyssis, 24th August & 17th December

This Feast is in honour of the Patron Saint of the island, St Denis. The August feast celebrates the memory of the transportation of the saint's body from the monastery of Strofadi to the church of Agios Dionyssis. The December feast takes place on the anniversary of his death. Both festivals last for 3 days - after the religious ceremonies, there is dancing, music, feasting and drinking.

Wine Festival, last days of August through to first days of September

The excellent new wines of Zakynthos are tasted and fated in the main town of Zakynthos

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