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Mainland Greece is becoming a more popular choice of destination for people wanting to holiday in a self catered Greek Villa.  Pretty Greek villas has chosen some excellent properties in the area of Mainland Greece, for guests to explore and enjoy.             Inhabited since ancient times, Mainland has a rich and distinctive history and provides opportunity for year round vacations. Swim in the isolated coves of Fokida, wander around the mountain village of Arahova, explore thickly wooded terrain, lakes and plateaus, ski the slopes of Parnassos, eat in the picturesque water-side town of Galaxidi and if that's not enough, rest your weary limbs in the thermal springs of Ypati, Kamena Vourla and Platystomo. Mainland is rich in culture with ancient sites such as Delphi. The Monastery of Ossios Loukas contains some of the finest Byzantine frescoes of Greece. Nafpaktos with its Venetian castle and beautiful circular harbour is lined with chic cafes. Getting There The best way to access this region is by road. Buses will whisk you to your destination within three hours from Athens. The ferry from Anterio to Rio in the Peloponnese is a short 20 min ride, and from Patras you can sail to the Ionian Islands or on to Italy.

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Pretty good recommendations



Please stock up before coming to the house since the nearest shops are on the left just before the village of Metamorphosis (Καρυες) as you drive from Ioannina airport to Koukouli village. Distance from Ioannina airport is 14km.


Koutavos Taverna


A well known taverna speciallizing in grilled meat. It has a beautiful outdoor space with trees for shade.

Mob: (+30) 697 7064950



Trelli Garida Restaurant


It has always fresh seafood and fish. The staff and the owner are very friendly and helpful. Also very fair prices. Highly recommended.

Tel: (+30) 2682 025691Τρελ?-Γαρ?δα-140392289387856/


Iliopoulos Seafood Restaurant

Monastiraki (Fokida Region)

A sea front fish taverna with great views for a relaxing meal. The food is tasteful and fresh.

Tel: (+30) 2634 052111Ψαροταβερνα-Ηλιοπουλος/758757690986054




The local village of Pogonia has a bakery and a local taverna. However, you will find most shops, supermarkets, pharmacy, bank ATM, tavernas and cafes in Paleros which is on the opposite side of the bay approx 4kms from villa Neraida.


Anna Fish Taverna


Located on the coast of Paleros village. A beautiful and peaceful place to relax. The fish is very fresh and all the dishes are really simple, traditional and tasteful.

Tel: (+30) 2643 041569


Saitan Bazaar Bar-Restaurant


Located in Preveza’s old district for ouzo & meze (Greek tapas).

Tel: (+30) 2682 060863


Blue Lake Beach Bar Restaurant

Monastiraki (Fokida Region)

A beautiful beach bar between a lake and the sea. Awesome landscape and views. Very good food and snacks. There also many parties with DJs organised.

Tel: (+30) 2634 051900


Yacht Club Paleros Restaurant


Located in Yacht Club of Paleros next to the marina. It serves traditional Greek dishes and snacks as burgers, pizza made on wood oven, crepes and waffles. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff very friendly and helpfull.

Tel: (+30) 2643 029171


Rachi Restaurant

Exanthia Village-Lefkada Island

A nice restaurant with spectacular views on Exanthia village. Unfortunately here you cannot book. You will have to go and wait. Around 19.30 is the best time.

Tel:(+30) 2645 099439



Melismas Taverna

Marathias (Fokida Region)

A family owned taverna with traditional Greek menu. It has great views to the small port in front of the taverna.

Tel: (+30) 2634 091200


Keep an eye out for our trusted mark in the windows of restaurants, bars and tarvenas. This sticker reveals places we highly recommend, so you dont miss out on any local secrets.

Pretty local beaches

Pretty good things to do


Zagoria is a wonderfully diverse region with breathtakingly beautiful nature, rich in culture and with some of the most beautiful stone villages found anywhere in Greece. It is also famous for its 18th and 19th Century stone bridges.
Many stone-- arched bridges beautiful in their architectural design and essential for keeping trade routes open between villages in times gone by Papigo, Mikro Papigo, Dilofo and Koukouli are some of the 46 traditioanl stone-- built villages not to be missed.


Vikos Gorge

The Vikos Gorge is a gorge in the Pindus Mountains of northern Greece. It lies on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi, with a length of about 20 km, depth ranging from 120 to 490 m, and a width ranging from 400 m to only a few meters at its narrowest part.
Vikos is listed as the world\'s "deepest relative to its width" gorge by the Guinness Book of Records among others.


Tymfi Dragon Lake

This alpine lake is located on an attitude of 2050m, on north west of Gamilla crest, which is the highest peak of mount Tymfi.


Scala Vradetou (Steps of Vradeto)

On an attitude of 1350 m, steps of Vradeto was the only way to reach to Vradeto village until 1973.


Rock pools of Papingo

It is a series of rock pools known as the Kolymbethres (Gr. term for "baptismal fonts") or the Ovires of Rogovos, which have been formed in the limestone by the so-called stream of Rogovos running down Mt Tymphe.



There are so many ancient pathways and trekking routes in this region. Good treks are through the Vikos Gorge, in the high plateau above, along the Voidomatis River and you can even hike and swim in the Canyon of Vikaki!



For all levels in many of the rivers of Zagoria.


Horse riding

A great experience. Riding on the trails of Zagoria, under the peaks of Tymfi and next to the riversides.


Mountain biking

There are two major mountain biking routes in Zagoria for the experienced bikers.


Excursions (Paleros based Visitors)

Paleros is strategically located making it ideal for short excursions to the adjacent island of Lefkada separated from the mainland by a floating bridge just 50m long. It takes about 20 mins to drive from the villa to the bridge.
Preveza, Parga, Vikos Gorge north of Ioanina and the Byzantine Monasteries at Meteora and many other places can also be reached easily by car as a day trip.



The Tennis Club of Nafpaktos has four courts.



Rafting in the River Arachthos is suitable for beginners as well as up to level three.

Tel: (+30) 2634 026435
Mob: (+30) 693 6746764




Nafpaktos is one of the most beautiful towns of Greece with a Venetian fort and Old Harbour as well as an interesting museum. There are many excellent cafes and restaurants along the waterfront. Nafpaktos is a thriving town with a full range of shops and services including health centre.


Trizonia Island

Don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful little island lying off the mainland just 10 mins across the bay. Here, time has stood still and you will experience the flavour of island life as it was hundreds of years ago. Follow the signs to Trizonia, park your car by the seashore and take one of the taxi boats across the bay (it’s only about Euro 2.50 per person)



Picturesque town with an old history. Visit the temple of Saint Nikolaos, the Nautical Museum and the People\'s art Museum. Excellent fish tavernas line the waterfront – the harbour is a calm inlet with limpid waters and a pine-fringed shore. The neo-classical town rises above the harbour and is full of interesting old buildings as well as some unique shops – look out particularly for the shops selling delicious home-made sweets often from local preserved fruits and vegetables.



The Omphalos of the Earth, according to Ancient Greeks. Visit the Temple of Apolonas, the Stadium, the Oracle of Delphi and the Museum.



The famous ancient area where the Olympic Games started.



Cosmopolitan mountain town below Parnassos mountain. The restaurants here serve unique mountain dishes – wild boar, rabbit and hare, cooked mountain greens etc Well worth visiting if making a trip to Delphi. The tavernas in Arachova are generally excellent and much better than those in Delphi.


Monastery of Saint Loukas

Remarkable Byzantine Monastery near Delphi – one of the most important in Greece.


Archaeological Site of Thermo

Thermos is located in Aetolia in western Greece and it was inhabited continuously for 1500 years, from the Middle Helladic (early Mycenaean) era until the 2nd c. BCE. It was named after the hero Thermos who was accidentally killed by a discus thrown by his brother, Oxylos, who later became the king of Elis.


Ano Hora

Picturesque mountainous village with excellent tavernas. Surrounded by beautiful nature and rich vegetation its ideal for outdoor activities. 

Monastery of Panagia Varnakova

Byzantine monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Greece and still a working monastery.


Museum of Greek Folk Art

Houses a great collection of popular art.


Sikia Climbing Area

Climbing area near Lidoriki. The slope of Sykia with its negative inclination is considered one of the best spots for rock climbing in Europe.


Mountains of Vardousia

An area of outstanding natural beauty with thick forests of pine and beech trees. This area has very picturesque stone-built villages and an abundance of old hunting lodges.


Lake of Mornos

The artificial lake of Mornos was created after the construction of one of the biggest dams in Europe at river Mornos in the area of Lidoriki. The archaeological site of Kallio was expropriated in 1969 and covered in 1981 by the waters of the Mornos dam, in order to supply water for the city of Athens.


Pretty useful phone numbers


Pretty Greek Villas:
Tel: (+30) 2696 061414 or (+30) 211 7803203

Radio Taxi Nafpaktos:
Tel: (+30) 2634 025111
(+30) 2634 025112
(+30) 2634 025113




Zagoria Pharmacy/Doctor:

The nearest pharmacy is on the right just before the village of Metamorphosis (Καρυες) as you drive from Ioannina airport to Koukouli village (10km from Ioannina airport and 20 km from the Villa Koukouli).

Pharmacy in Paleros:
Tel: (+30) 2643 041999
Mob: (+30) 697 8861119

Doctor in Paleros:
(Dr Vassilis Zikos)
Mob: (+30) 697 2944289
Tel: (+30) 2643 041207
(Doctor Christina Kanaki)
Mob: (+30) 698 5123416

Health Centre of Nafpaktos:
Tel: (+30) 2634 023690
(+30) 2634 023691



Emergency Call:



Doctors SOS:

Road Assistance:
10400 (ELPA)


Pretty important


Greece sewerage operates on a septic tank which is the reason for the seas being so clean. However, this means that you CANNOT put any toilet paper, sanitary towels or baby nappies down the toilet. If you do, it can cause serious blockage requiring a plumber. Please remember to put all paper etc in the bin provided next to the toilet. We do not like to deduct from a security deposit but if the plumber is called and it is because paper has been put into the toilet during your stay, the cost of the repair will need to be deducted from your security deposit.


Suntan lotions

Some suntan lotions and oils contain a dye that leaves a permanent orange stain on towels, linens and pool liners. Please avoid using these suntan products because most villa owners will now request to deduct from the security deposit in order to replace items that have been dyed. When using the pool, please shower before entering.



In this area the tap water is drinkable. Since water is scarce in the summer in Greece, please use only what you need.



If your villa has air-conditioning, please close all doors and windows when in use. Some villas have a system where if a door or window is left open, the air-con will not work so please check this first if you are experiencing problems.


Hot water

The hot water system for most villas is on an immersion system. This means you need to switch on the boiler for the water to be heated. The switch will be in the main electricity panel of the house and usually is turned on for your arrival. It is easy by mistake to turn this off during your stay, so if you find that you do not have hot water then please check the electricity panel first.



Most villas will have a dishwasher. Please rinse plates before putting them inside. Some areas of Greece (such as Porto Heli) have a very high salt level in the water so dishwashers do not work very well and you may find that glasses and cutlery are smeared.



Greece can be very windy so we would be very appreciative if you could close any sun umbrellas at the villa when windy to avoid them breaking or flying away.



All villas are situated in the countryside so if screen doors or shutters have been fitted please use them so that unwanted animals don’t get inside the house. The villas are all thoroughly cleaned before arrival but it is still possible that you may see the odd spider, mice, rat, scorpion, cockroach, snake or lizard inside. If you do and think it is a problem, please let us know so that we can deal with it straightaway. Wasps – it is impossible to know in advance whether wasps are going to be prevalent in a particular location or not. If you do find that wasps are a nuisance, burning Greek coffee on a plate seems to keep them away.


Siesta Time

For villas that are situated within villages and towns, the siesta hours are 14:30hrs – 17:30hrs. During this time, please try to make as little noise as possible.


Shop & Bank Opening Hours

Large chain supermarkets (such as AB, Galaxias, Carrefour) are open Monday to Saturday from around 08:30hrs – 20:45hrs. Closed on Sundays.
Most other shops are open as follows:
Monday: 08:03hrs – 13:30hrs
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs
Saturdays and Sundays: On most islands, shops are open 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs. However, in traditional places frequented mainly by Greeks you will find that shops will be open on Saturdays until 13:30hrs and closed on Sundays.
Banks vary but are generally open from 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs. Some banks stay open for an hour or two longer.
Bakeries and mini-markets tend to be open every day.


Taxis and Porters

Taxis, porters and car hire are not included in the price of your villa. Please settle up directly with your driver, porter or car hire representative. When departing from your villa, if you require a taxi or porter, please ring or email us 24-48hrs in advance to arrange.
If you pre-book a taxi and do not notify us to cancel it, we will deduct this from your security deposit. Please note that we need to receive the cancellation in writing 24 hrs at least before the time you have booked the taxi. For airport transfers, we need at least 1 month’s notice in July/August and at least 2 weeks notice in all other months so that your booking can be replaced.



Greece is still generally a very safe country. However, when you are not at your villa please close windows and lock the doors.



Please dispose of your garbage regularly because the high temperatures can attract vermin if left for too long. Unfortunately, very few areas of Greece have recycling so please put your rubbish in the nearest municipal bins (usually green). On Hydra, there are also lots of cats so please don’t leave rubbish bags outside.



It is very rare for us to deduct money from a security deposit and we do not deduct money for the odd glass, cup or plate that might get broken. However, if you do happen to break or damage something please let us know.


Departure Time

At the end of your holiday, please vacate your villa by 10:00hrs unless we have agreed a later time with you. If the housekeeper is not there when you leave, please leave keys on dining table.


Transport to greece

Three good websites for flights from the UK are
Easyjet also fly into Athens from various European airports:

For non-UK flights, a good website is

Please contact one of the PGV team for advice about where to book flights.

There are two ways to get from Italy to Igoumenitsa.

Venice to Igoumenitsa
Ancona to Igoumenitsa

Map showing the location of Igoumenitsa in relation to Mainland Greece


Three good websites for flights from the UK are

A good UK flight agent is
Scott at Belgrave Travel on 01708 380357 or
Barry Lewis at Charter Flights on 02087 140 025 or
email him mailto:

For non-UK flights, a good website is


Mainland Greece is a very large area so depending on where the property is located there are many different ways to reach it. The four arrival points below cover most situations but please feel free to contact us directly should you require further information or assistance. 0030 211 7803203 or

Fly to Athens International Airport and hire a car.
Fly to Araxos Airport and hire a car (good for the west coast).
Take the ferry from Italy and self drive.
Fly to Preveza Airport and hire a car (also good for the west coast).


Transport in greece

Athens Airport to Mainland Greece

For guests who are interested in booking car hire through Pretty Greek Villas from Athens Airport, please see below for rates.

2020 Car Hire Rates per week
(please add Euro 20 each way for pick up/drop off at Athens Airport)




Car Type


1/4 – 31/5


1/6 – 30/6


01/7 – 25/8


26/8 – 30/9


1/10 – 3/3


















































FIAT Panda















































FORD Focus

Station wagon















FIAT 500X Diesel













































BMW 116 Diesel














SCODA Octavia Diesel















NISSAN Qashqai Diesel 2X4














SCODA Citigo Automatic



















Car Type


1/4 – 31/5


1/6 – 10/7


11/7 – 25/8


26/8 – 30/9


1/10 – 30/3


















VW GOLF Automatic Diesel






Recommend boat hire

Please reserve your boat hire through the 'Manage Your Booking' section to our website. If you require your access codes, please contact one of the PGV team.

For guests staying on the western coast of Mainland Greece (Ionian Sea)

For the 2020 season, this cruise is bookable by private parties on any day of the week. The boat is a modern 29 foot Scorpion RIB. The skipper will take you to nearby islands and bays of your choice such as Fiskardo, Ithaca, Kalamos, Kastos, Meganisi and Porto Katsiki. The day lasts from 9am until about 6pm-7pm. Suitable for a maximum of 8 guests. The cost is Euro 400/day for the boat, skipper, soft drinks and snacks. Fuel is charged at the end of the trip at local fuel rates. A beach barbecue can be organized at Euro 15/person. To make a reservation, please complete the Special Requests box on your Arrival Form.


Rent a Boat

The Yacht Club of Nafpaktos has small sail boats for rent (lasers) at Euro 40/2 hrs. Instruction can be arranged by appointment at Euro 20/hr.


For guests staying on the western coast of Mainland Greece (Ionian Sea)

Enjoy a day out on a beautifully renovated, traditional wooden ‘Caique’ boat. The cruise can be booked for either a half day or full day. The skipper will take you to nearby islands and bays where you can also enjoy dolphin and turtle watching as well as lunch at an excellent taverna. The cruise can take up to 24 guests. For details and prices, please contact us through the Special Requests box on your Arrival Form.