Paros is a  large island and as such caters for all tastes. Whether you are looking  for a quiet, traditional retreat, beach holiday, sightseeing or partying til dawn, Paros has it all. The island has gently terraced hillsides,  spectacular sandy beaches, beautiful flower meadows in spring and  autumn, lush orchards and olive groves, plenty of pretty Cycladic  villages and plenty of activity for those seeking action and adventure  on holiday.

Pretty Good Beaches

Paros, with over 250 beaches and all of sand, is an absolute mecca for the beach lizard.

Golden Beach
This long, sandy beach is famous for its incredibly transparent water. It is also excellent for windsurfing and the World Windsurfing Championships are held here each year.

Drios Beach
Located near the Golden Beach, Drios is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water and is ideal for children. There are some excellent traditional restaurants here.

Pounda Beach
If a party atmosphere is what you're looking for, then Pounda is your answer.

Ambelas Beach
If you're not the partying sort, then the small, quiet and relatively unknown beach of Ambelas could be your answer. It has a gentle sea-shelf that is great for children.

Santa Maria
This fantastic, long, sandy beach is one of the more organised beaches on the island with windsurfing and diving facilities.

Langeri Beach
Not easy to find so is generally very quiet. This sandy beach is located north east of Naoussa.

Kolimbithres Beach
Also near Naoussa, Kolimbithres is justifiably popular since it has many lovely sandy coves screened off by unusual rock formations. The water is shallow and ideal for children. Water skiing is also available along this part of the coast.

Piperi Beach
This small, quiet beach near Naoussa is great for snorkelling. If you prefer sitting on the beach, you will enjoy the magnificent views.

Martselo Beach
Gorgeous sandy beach only accessible by boat from the main town of Parikia. Otherwise, it is a very pleasant walk.

Krios Beach
Another glorious sandy beach only accessible by boat from Parikia or by foot.>>>>>>>>
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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Paros is still very much a traditional Greek island and there are plenty of traditional tavernas by the sea and in the mountains.

Tavernas & Cafes

The Albatross, Parikia
Very well known fish restaurant
Tel: 22840 21848

Apanemia, Parikia
Excellent traditional Greek restaurant and grill house.
Tel: 22840 23684

O Mitsis, Noussa
Particularly good 'ouzeria' at Piperi Beach near Naoussa.>>>>>>>>
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Pretty Cultural & Pretty Good Days Out

Paros is not just about magnificent beaches. This large island will satisfy even the hungriest

Paros has many pretty villages of the typical Cycladic cubist style with brightly painted pottery tumbling with flowers, narrow lane ways and a myriad churches, chapels and monasteries.

This is the main town of the island and has a lovely harbour, a 13th Century Venetian castle as well as ancient remains. Parikia is the liveliest town of the island with some excellent bars and clubs as well as the usual array of tavernas, shops and cafes.

This is one of the most beautiful fishing villages that is authentically Greek that you will find in Greece. There are many tavernas and here, you will also be able to enjoy traditional Greek music and dancing.

Located in the mountains, Lefkes has magnificent views framed by the lush green of the surrounding hills and orchards. This unspoilt village has a blend of Cycladic and Venetian architecture and it is here that the important cathedral of Agias Trias is situated as well as an ancient amphitheatre and the Museum of Popular Civilization.. For walkers, the stunning 'Byzantine Trail', begins at Lefkes down to Prodromos and onto the sea. Lefkes is also known for its pottery.

If you visit Lefkes, it is also worth visiting the neighbouring village of Kostos which seems a million miles from modern life.

Piso Livadia
Close to Golden Beach and Pounda Beach, this fishing port is quaint and has some good tavernas.

This lovely, tiny fishing harbour in the north east of Paros is situated near Prodromos.

Church of Ekatontapliani, near Parikia harbour
Dedicated to 'Our Lady of One Hundred Doors', this church is the oldest on Paros dating from around 400 AD.

Archaelogical Museum, Parikia
Important finds from excavations are exhibited in this main museum

Venetian Castle, Parikia
Interesting remains of a 13th Century Venetian castle.

Venetian Castle, Naoussa
This castle dates back to the 15th Century. It is very close to the Roman Catholic church.

Marathi Marble Quarries
In ancient times, the sculptors, Praxiteles, marvelled at the beauty of the Parian marble still quarried today.

Folklore Museum, Aliki
An interesting collection of local artefacts illustrating the history of folk tradition on Paros.

Cave of Antiparos
Set high in the mountains, this is a magnificent trip which can be undertaken also by donkey.

Good monasteries to visit are the Monastery of Longovandas (men only), Monastery of Christ Dasous with its tomb of St Arsenios, Monastery of St Mary Thapsana and Monastery of St Anthony.

Butterfly Valley
You can take a donkey ride from the main road and experience the dancing colours of hundreds of butterflys at certain times of the day.

Boat Trips to Other Islands
Departing from Naoussa and Pisso Livadia, there are daily trips to the neighbouring islands of Naxos, Mykonos, Delos and Santorini.>>
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Pretty Greek Shops

Paros is not especially well known for its shops but we at Pretty Greek Villas are working on making suggestions to this section in the near future.>>
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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Paros seems to have more festivals unique to the island than any other place.

Feast of Agia Marina, 17th July.
Takes place in Antiparos

Feast of Agios Pandelemonas, 27th July
Takes place in Antiparos

Feast of the Saviour's Metamorphosis, 6th August
Takes place in Marpissa

Feast of the Panagia of One Hundred Doors, 15th August
Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary. In Paros, the greatest celebrations take place at the Church of the Panagia of Ekatontaplian (Virigin of One Hundred Doors).

Feast of the 9 Days of the Virgin Mary
Takes place in Naoussa

Feast of Agios Ioannis, 29th August
Takes place in Naoussa and Lefkes

Feast of the Panagia Feneromeni, 8th September
Takes place in Antiparos.>>
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Tel: 22840 21113

Tel: 22840 91257>>
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Pretty Sporty

Golden Beach is where the Windsurfing Worldcup takes place. The windsurfing club at Golden Beach organises activities. Tel: 22840 41789

Santa Maria Beach
Naoussa also has an important windsurfing centre.

Scuba Diving
At Golden Beach
Tel: 22840 41778

Santa Maria Diving Club
At Santa Maria, Pounda.

All beaches on Paros are excellent for snorkelling. However, there is organised snorkelling at Golden Beach.

Enjoy horseriding through magnificent scenery.
Kokou Riding Centre near Ambalas
Dany & Ivan Lefebvre
Tel: 22840 51818

Mountain Biking
Mountain Bike Parikia
Tel: 22840 23778

Paros Sailing Club

For walkers, Paros is a natural paradise especially in Spring and Autumn when the island is cloaked in a myriad flowers. There are hundreds of walks on the island and the most famous is the 'Byzantine Trail' from the mountain village of Lefkes through glorious countryside to Prodromos and down to the pretty fishing harbour of Ambelas.>>
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Health and Emergency Numbers

Medical Centre
Tel: 22840 24410

Tel: 166

Tel: 22840 51202

Port Police
Tel: 22840 21240

Tel: 22840 51999>>
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