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Kefalonia Review

Our focus this week is the northern part of Kefalonia - one of the most stunning and diverse Greek islands. Those not familiar with Kefalonia are in for a wonderful surprise. The landscape is lush and green and boasts some of Greece’s most splendid natural beauty.

Its diverse geography blesses it with innumerable small bays and rich vegetation. It is covered with vast olive groves, thick forests of Kefalonian Fir and cypress trees. The island is beautiful, wild, and unspoiled by mass tourism.

Many of the towns and villages remain traditional and much of the original architecture on the island has a Venetian influence.

Fiskardo and Assos, at the north end of the island, are two of our favourite spots. They are about 45 mins – 1 hour away from the airport and the views along the drive are truly breathtaking. One of the highlights you will pass on the main road is the capital of the island, Argostoli, rich in history and great for those wanting a bit of culture with its archaeological museum.

Heading further down the island toward Fiskardo is the famous Myrtos Beach, described as one of the most dramatic beaches in Greece with its long arc of dazzling white pebbles.

Yet further on in the distance and far below the road, you see the delightful fishing village of Assos with its impressive 16th-century Venetian fortress.

Fiskardo is one of the most picturesque fishing villages in Greece with its charming restaurants, cafes and shops that run along the quayside. The horseshoe-shaped harbour is lined with colourful neo-classical buildings with a dazzling array of Mediterranean plants and flowers.

Out of the hundreds of villages on this large island, Fiskardo is unique in that it was left virtually undamaged during the great earthquake of 1953 that ruined most of the historic buildings on Kefalonia. Evenings in Fiskardo take on a magical tone with the yachts lining the harbour, the atmospheric lights and the charismatic buildings along the quayside giving it a particularly special ambience on a warm summer’s evening.

There are plenty of daytime activities to keep you busy as well. Walkers and hikers will find plenty of trails in the surrounding hills, lush valleys and countryside. If the sea is your preference, you can learn to dive from the local dive school with qualified PADI instructors.

Hire a motorboat and to explore the coastline and find your own private cove that is inaccessible by car. Or hop on an excursion boat for a day trip around the Kefalonian coastline or across to Ithaca. Fiskardo is a great place for families, as well as couples looking for a completely romantic atmosphere.

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17th Jul 2019

Posted by Ben Bland