Ionian Islands

Kefalonia has a spectacular coastline, beautiful beaches, utterly translucent sea, mountains thickly forested with cypress trees, traditional villages tumbling with a riot of flowers and a rich history combining Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian influences.


Pretty Good Beaches and Bays

There are numerous beautiful beaches on Kefalonia and below is just a small selection of beaches in the northern part of the island. Hiring a boat for a day through Regina's Boat Hire based in Fiskardo is a wonderful way to explore the coastline (please see Pretty Sporty section below): Asos Beach

One of the most stunning locations on Kefalonia. The atmospheric, sleepy harbour is lined with pretty bougainvillea-clad neo-classical houses. From the beautiful beach, a path winds up to a huge Venetian fortress. The views over the Ionian Sea are magnificent.

Myrtos Beach

Scenes from 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' were filmed on this stunning beach

Foki Bay

Foki is a small, beautiful inlet with a beach fringed by huge olive trees

Aghia Jerusalim

A gem of a beach which is little known and is quiet even at the height of the summer. Excellent for snorkelling.

Alaties Beach

This small beach has white lava rock formations which have created natural salt pans. 'Alaties' in Greek means 'salt'. All beaches in the northern part of Kefalonia are excellent for snorkelling and this is no exception. There is also an excellent taverna right on the beach with fabulous views.

Dafnoudi Beach

This lovely beach is accessed from the village of Antipata down a shaded path

Emblissi Beach

Located near the Panorama Herodotos taverna to the west of Fiskardo, here there are beautiful, white, flat rocks for sunbathing

Divarata Beach

Lovely beach located near the Taverna Alexandros

Aghia Efimia

Once a Venetian fishing village, Aghia Efimia has some lovely small, pebbly coves>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Sporty


The bays of Kefalonia are fabulous for snorkelling and diving. The seas around Kefalonia are a haven for the caretta-caretta turtle and the rare monk seal.

Aquatic World Diving School, Agia Efimia

Owners are Kyriaos Papasotiriou and Gerasimos Sotirooulos.

Tel: 26740 62006

Fiskardo Nautical & Environmental Club

This is a non-profit/non-government organisation conducting environmental activities on Kefalonia including diving courses.

Tel: 26740 41182

Snorkelling with Jamie Stirling

Jamie Stirling is a marine biologist who takes guests out snorkelling on his traditional caique boat from Fiskardo. For tickets enquire at Pama Travel, Fiskardo.

Motorboat Hire

Small motorboats can be hired from various harbours. They are very easy to manoeuvre and cost between Euro 50 - 80 per day:

Regina Boat Hire, Fiskardo

Boats for hire to the left of the ferry boat jetty and 200m from the light house. Look for the yellow tent with ?Regina?s Boat Hire? written on it.

Regina's Boat Hire, Fiskardo

Boats for hire to the left of the ferry boat jetty and 200m from the light house. Look for the yellow tent with ?Regina?s Boat Hire? written on it.

Assos Rent A Boat

Dimitris and Giorgos are the owners and can be found at the cafe 'Sea-Side' on the harbour front at Assos.

Tel: 6977 708342

Boulevard Boats, Agia Efimia

Situated in front of Hotel Boulevard in the harbour, boats can be hired from Johnny.

Yellow Boats, Agia Efimia

Situated at the large jetty of Agia Efimia, you can hire a boat or Yellow Boats will pilot a boat for you. (They also offer a water taxi service.)

Barzoukas Boat, Fiskardo

Boats for hire at the small jetty near 'Captain's Cabin' restaurant.


The countryside and mountains of Kefalonia provide a wonderful setting for horse riding and pony treking.

Bavarian Riding Stables, Koulourata

Contact Cornelia Schimpfsky on 6977 533203.>>>>>>>>>>>

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Lixouri Hospital. Tel: 26710 92222

Argostoli Hospital. Tel: 26710 24641

Sami Hospital. Tel: 26740 22807>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Good Day Trips


One of the most picturesque fishing villages in Greece, Fiskardo is well worth a visit. The horse- shoe shaped harbour is lined with colourful neo-classical buildings with a dazzling array of Mediterranean plants and flowers. There are plenty of very nice cafes, tavernas, shops and bars to while away some hours.

Ithaka by boat

Ferry Boats and Day Cruisers leave Fiskardo, Agia Efimia and Sami headed for the Island of Ithaka. Ithaka was the home of Odysseus, who was responsible for the destruction of Troy. The island is a great destination for a day trip and the coves opposite Northern Kefalonia are well worth visting by boat. The harbours of Kioni and Frikes are especially beautiful and Kioni, in our opinion, rivals Fiskardo itself.

Ifigenia Express From Aghia Efimia and Fiskardo. Tickets can be bought from a local office in the harbour of Aghia Efimia and Fiskardo

Ikaros From Aghia Efimia.

Sami Star From Sami. This is a romantic, wooden caique cruise boat. Tickets from Sami harbour at the Blue Sea Shipping Office

Romantica From Fiskardo. This is a beautiful, small caique boat that visits Frikes and Kioni on Ithaka - two of the most beautiful locations on the island. Tickets from Fiskardo harbour

Cruises from Asos and Myrtos to local bays

Myrtos & Atheras Cruise. Captain Vasilis and his wife, Vasso, take guests on their traditional caique boat, the 'Alderhern' leaving from the sublime harbour of Asos to Myrtos and nearby bays. Tickets are available from outside Nirides Tavern, Asos.

Snorkelling with a marine biologist

Jamie Stirling at Fiskardo has a caique, the 'Ayia Kiriaki'. He is a marine biologist who takes guests out snorkelling and has a wealth of information on the subject. Tickets from Pama Travel, Fiskardo

Drogharati Cave, near Sami

The cave has incredible acoustics and many stalagtites. It is situated a few kilometres from the port of Sami

Melissani Cave, near Sami

Another fantastic cave with a cave lake. Boat rides can be taken to the inner cavern. The colours of the cave and the cobalt blue water are magnificent

Wild Horses of Mount Aenos

Mount Aenos is an area of outstanding natural beauty located in the southern part of the island. Fantastic for nature lovers and walkers, there are wild horses as well as wild goats, hares, foxes, hawks, eagles and an unusual variety of woodpecker. The views over the island are stupendous

Zakynthos by boat

There are two boats per day (March ? October). The boat departs from Pessada on Kefalonia and from Agios Nikolaos on Zakynthos. The journey time is 70 minutes. If you are not on a coach tour, transport by car or moped is essential since neither port is served by local buses.

Ferries Zakynthos ? Kefalonia 26950 23984 (Booking Office)

(Agios Nikolaos to Pesada) 28 Lomvardou Street, Zakynthos Town. several boats a day from Zakynthos Town?s main port to Kyllini on the Peloponnese mainland. The journey time is about 1 ? 1 hours. Most of the major archaeological sites are found on the Peloponnese mainland including Olympia.

Ferries Zakynthos ? Kyllini(Peloponnese) 26950 22083 / 41500 (Booking Office)

1 Lomvardou Street, Zakynthos Town>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Kefalonia has many tavernas, restaurants and cafes as well as a number of vineyards that can be visited where the famous 'Robola' wines of Kefalonia can be tasted. All the tavernas and restaurants listed offer delicious food at reasonable prices.

Tavernas & Cafes

Taverna at Alaties Beach

Delicious fish and local dishes at this lovely taverna situated in one of the prettiest bays on the island. Great for a sunset meal.

Litrouvio Taverna, near Fiskardo

This taverna is situated on the road leading down to Fiskardo opposite the Russian church. Excellent home cooking and delicious home-made pizzas with friendly service.

To Pefko, near Fiskardo

Beautifully presented and mouth-wateringly delicious dishes at this little family-run taverna. It is situated on the road leading down to Fiskardo near the Litrouvio Taverna (also recommended). Friendly atmosphere, pretty flower-filled garden and small corner shop next door.

Lagoudera, Fiskardo

Sitauted to the back of the harbour, this taverna specialises in grilled food. The grilled chicken and souvlaki are particularly delicious and prices are reasonable.

Kastro Cafe, Kastro

Situated just below the Castle of St George in Kastro, this is more than an ordinary snack bar. Owners Nicky and Spiros create some delicious treats and the view is fabulous.

Memories Restaurant, Kastro

Also located in the picturesque hilltop village of Kastro, Memories offers delicious dishes and a friendly atmosphere.

O Makis, Vasilikos

Guests staying at Almond Tree House will be delighted that 'O Makis' is down the road serving local grilled meats, traditional salads and vegetarian options, and all available as take-away options.

Cafe Ektos, Vasilikos

Another good find at this small village with tasty snacks and drinks

Ly Enosis, Enosis

Also near Vasilikos, this restaurant is open only in the High Season serving delicious home-made pizza and pasta dishes

Panorama Herodotos Taverna, Emblissi

This excellent taverna is situated on the road above the beautiful Emblissi Beach

Taverna Alexandros, Divarata

A very good taverna on the road leading to the famous Myrtos Beach

Odysseus Taverna, Agia Jerousalim

Set in a large garden next to the quiet beach of Agia Jerousalim, this taverna is more like a private home. Excellent cooking and some unusual recipes from the owner who is a retired baker. Open during main season only.

Spiros Taverna, Agia Efimia

Delicious home-cooking and fresh fish at this harbour-side restaurant

Paradise Taverna, Agia Efimia

The locals love this taverna and rightly so. Great home-cooking as well as local fish, this taverna is situated along the harbour front

Finikas Taverna, Agia Efimia

All the dishes are delicious at this harbour-side taverna. We especially enjoyed their moussaka and kleftiko - two of Greece's traditional 'oven' dishes.

Steki Taverna, Agia Efimia

Situated in the harbour, this excellent fish taverna also offers some appetising local dishes.

Gialos Taverna, Agia Efimia

If you feel like a good old 'English Breakfast', then this is the place for you. Situated on the harbour front.

Mermaid Taverna, Sami

Excellent home-cooking and friendly service at this family-run taverna in Sami>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Emergency Numbers

Police of Argostoli. Tel: 26710 22200

Port Police of Argostoli. Tel: 26710 22224

Fire Brigade. Tel: 26710 23312 / 23199

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Pretty Cultural

Kefalonia has a rich and varied heritage with Byzantine churches, beautiful frescoes, a Roman villa with wonderful mosaics, an acropolis, Cyclopean walls, a Venetian castle and many colourful neo-classical buildings as well as some unusual museums.

St George's Castle, Kastro

This hilltop village was for a time the ancient capital of Kefalonia. The Venetian fort of St George, with its ancient citadel wall is definitely worth visiting. The village of Kastro itself is very pretty with marvellous views over a fertile valley to the sea beyond.

History & Folklore Museum, Argostoli

Tel: 26710 28835

Byzantine Monastery of St Andrea

Tel: 26710 69700

Museum of Natural History, Davgata

Tel: 26710 84400

Owl & Hedgehog Museum, Spartia

Tel: 6938 813766

Roman Villa, Skala

If you manage to be lucky enough to find the site open, you will be able to see some very beautiful mosaic floors.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Greek Shops


During the summer season, this boutique shop in Kastro has a stylish collection of artefacts, clothes, slippers, candles and other goodies


The harbour area is lined with many shops including a few excellent clothes shops>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Kefalonia has its fair share of fun

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Feast of Agios Gerasimos, 16th & 20th October

The largest festival on Kefalonia is in honour of the patron saint of the island. The main celebration takes place at the 11th century Monastery of Our Lady Themata near Agia Efimia. After the religious ceremony, there is dancing, eating and drinking in the local square.

Feast of Panagia Atrou, 8th September

This feast is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and takes place at the 8th century Monastery of Panagia Atrou.>>>>>>>>>>>

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Airport of Kefalonia. Tel: 26710 41511 / 28808

KTEL Bus Depot. Tel: 26710 93200

Taxi. Tel: 26740 22308 (Sami)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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