Saronic Islands

The interior of the island is still very traditional with white-washed houses, narrow crooked stone paths and with many old monasteries and churches tucked into the hills. There are no motorcars on the island and transport is by donkey, foot or boat. Hydra is a perfect place for exploring the other very diverse islands of the Saronic group and the Peloponnese mainland but people travelling to Hydra should be aware that there are many stone steps that connect the various parts of the island and some houses, located high up require a good level of fitness and take quite a lot of energy to reach


The Pretty Good Guide

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Pretty good recommendations

Christina Restaurant

Kamini Village (10 min walk from the main harbour of Hydra)

A quiet real Greek restaurant, daily fresh food just above Kamini harbour. Their signature dish is lahanodolmádes (stuffed cabbage leaves)

Tel: (+30) 2298 053516





Castello Bar Restaurant

Kamini Village (10 min walk from the main harbour of Hydra)

A beautiful beach bar with tables on the beach, and a terrace with a fabulous restaurant serving modern Greek cuisine and international dishes. In the evenings or at sunset looking out over Dhokos island, Castello takes on a magical atmosphere.

Tel: (+30) 2298 054101




Paradosiako Taverna

Near the Port of Hydra

A small but very popular mezedopolio where you can try all the Greek delicacies in a vibrant atmosphere. Located near the port and with reasonable prices.

Tel: (+30) 2298 054155




Manna Restaurant

Hydra Port

Serving modern and traditional ethnic dishes. Service is excellent and the food delicious. Flavours beyond the ordinary.

Tel: (+30) 2298 053775




The Pirate Bar

Hydra Port

Great day and night meeting place founded in 1976. Nice coffee and breakfast in the morning and cold cocktails by night.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052711




Sunset Restaurant

West side of the Harbour

The name speaks for itself and has great food – located over near the canons on the west side of the harbour. Great for all kind of activities and organizing wedding receptions.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052067




Cool Mule Ice Cream Parlour

Hydra Port

A really good ice-cream parlour on the waterfront near where the hydrofoils/cats dock. All ice cream flavours are homemade with local ingredients.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052100



Supermarkets and shops

For supermarkets, we recommend ‘Maragos’ in the main harbour of Hydra or ‘Bexis’ supermarket opposite the health centre. ‘Four Corners’ supermarket on the way to Kamini is also good, as well as ‘Gavriil’ located in the upper part of Hydra town.
For butchers – we recommend ‘Gounaris’ on the waterfront.
For fish – from the fishing boats (caique boats) in the harbour but you need to get down there by 08:30hrs.


Pirofani Restaurant

Kamini Village (10 min walk from the main harbour of Hydra)

Quality Greek and international food with own specialities, good value located about 3 mins walk from Kamini harbour. It provides entertainment with various events from poetry readings to music happenings.

Tel: (+30) 2298 053175



Ostria Restaurant

Hydra Town

This is an excellent little taverna with a variety of dishes including fish at very good prices run by Tasoula (long blonde hair) and her husband who is a fisherman. If you stand at the clock tower with your back to the sea, it is the next road on the right after the clock tower.
You will come to a small square and the taverna is there on your right (with tables and chairs outside in the square).

Tel: (+30) 2298 054077




Oraia Ydra Restaurant

Hydra Port

A Greek gourmet style fish restaurant. Chef Kosmas Savriadis creates delightful dishes with the fresh ingredients from all over Greece.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052556




Bratsera Restaurant

50m from Harbour

A restaurant with fabulous food and award winning architecture – this was formerly a sea sponge factory. Secluded, quiet and classy.

Tel: (+30) 2298 053971




Kryfo Limani Taverna

Hydra Port

A traditional tavern serving really good traditional Greek dishes.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052585



Amateur Bar

Hydra Town

Located behind Alpha Bank. Great bar with good atmosphere playing music until late.

Mob: (+30) 697 7461357





Hydronetta Beach Bar

Hydra Town

This is a fantastic bar in a great location. It has a cliff top terrace with bathing platforms below so that you can take a dip when things get too hot! This is a really cool, laid back, chic party place.

Tel: (+30) 2298 054160




Kodylenia's Restaurant

Kamini Village (10 min walk from the main harbour of Hydra)

Excellent Greek cuisine, perfect sunset views, usually a great selection of music and located just above Kamini harbour.

Tel: (+30) 2298 053520




Veranda Restaurant

Hydra Town

Steep steps with fantastic views especially full moon located above the clock tower near the port.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052259




Gatto Nero Restaurant

Close to the Harbour

An Italian style restaurant serving delicious dishes. Excellent service and friendly atmosphere.

Tel: (+30) 2298 054030




Caprice restaurant

Behind Harbour

Located just behind harbour has good pizza and nicely decorated with tables on the street. Its cuisine combines genuine Italian recipes with traditional Greek products.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052454







Xeri Elia Douskos Restaurant

Hydra Square

Located in a big tree-covered square. Serving traditional Greek food. It\'s one of the oldest restaurants on the island-run by the same family for almost 200 years.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052886





Spilia Beach Bar

Hydra Town

This great bar is just below the coast road going west out of Hydra Town towards Kamini. The bar is right on the waterfront. Easy to spot with its’ coconut umbrellas.

Tel: (+30) 2298 052240




Omilos Bar Restaurant

Close to the Harbour

Just outside the harbour and known as the Yachting Club or Lagoudera is a club situated over a rocky, deep, blue water area where many scenes have been filmed with famous actors.

Tel: (+30) 2298 053800




Keep an eye out for our trusted mark in the windows of restaurants, bars and tarvenas. This sticker reveals places we highly recommend, so you dont miss out on any local secrets.

Pretty local beaches

Pretty good things to do

Boat trip around Hydra Island

The Freedom II departs from Hydra harbour everyday at 11 am. The tour offers 2 stops for swimming. The price is Euro 18 per person and there is a minimum of 10 passengers per trip.

Mob: (+30) 694 4242141



Horse riding

Explore Hydra by horse! Harriet Jarman organizes treks.

Mob: (+30) 698 0323347





Guided Hiking Tours

Hikes last between 1 1⁄2 hours – 6 1⁄2 hours.

Mob: (+30) 2298 054007




During the summer in July and August, there are weekend trips to Epidavros to the Festival of Ancient Tragedy & Comedy, where you can watch a live performance in the ancient theatre.
For information concerning the above excursions contact the Saitis Tours office in the main harbor of Hydra

Tel. (+30) 2298 052184.



Outdoor Cinema

The outdoor cinemas are one of the great delights of the Greek summer. Enjoy your drink whilst watching the latest film releases. Foreign films in Greece are never dubbed – always with Greek surtitles.


Visit Other Islands & Mainland

There are regular Flying Dolphins and Catamarans to the neighbouring islands of Spetses and Poros. There are also regular connections for Athens and the Peloponnese mainland (Hermioni, Porto Hydra, Porto Heli and Kostas). The ticket office is located in the main harbour area on the first floor of the building opposite the terminal for the Flying Dolphins.
Timetables can also be checked online at




Pretty useful phone numbers


Pretty Greek Villas:
Tel: (+30) 26960 61414 or (+30) 211 780 3203

Water taxi:
Tel: (+30) 2298 053690
Usually we use the following drivers:
Kostas Georgakopoulos
Mob: (+30) 695 5190110
Nikos Georgakopoulos
Mob: (+30) 694 4738100

Flying Dolphins:
Tel: (+30) 2298 053812
(+30) 2298 053813
(+30) 2298 052184




+30 22980 53151 or 53150

+30 22980 52059

+30 22980 52420



Local Police Station:
Tel: (+30) 2298 052205

Hydra Port Police:
Tel: (+30) 2298 052279

Emergency Call:



Doctors SOS:

Road Assistance:
10400 (ELPA)



Pretty important


 Greece sewerage operates on a septic tank which is the reason for the seas being so clean. However, this means that you CANNOT put any toilet paper, sanitary towels or baby nappies down the toilet. If you do, it can cause serious blockage requiring a plumber. Please remember to put all paper etc in the bin provided next to the toilet. We do not like to deduct from a security deposit but if the plumber is called and it is because paper has been put into the toilet during your stay, the cost of the repair will need to be deducted from your security deposit.

Suntan lotions

 Some suntan lotions and oils contain a dye that leaves a permanent orange stain on towels, linens and pool liners. Please avoid using these suntan products because most villa owners will now request to deduct from the security deposit in order to replace items that have been dyed. When using the pool, please shower before entering.


The tap water inside the villa is drinkable. Since water is scarce in the summer in Greece, please use only what you need. 


 If your villa has air-conditioning, please close all doors and windows when in use. Some villas have a system where if a door or window is left open, the air-con will not work so please check this first if you are experiencing problems.

Hot water

The hot water system for most villas is on an immersion system. This means you need to switch on the boiler for the water to be heated. The switch will be in the main electricity panel of the house and usually is turned on for your arrival. It is easy by mistake to turn this off during your stay, so if you find that you do not have hot water then please check the electricity panel first.



Most villas will have a dishwasher. Please rinse plates before putting them inside.



Greece can be very windy so we would be very appreciative if you could close any sun umbrellas at the villa when windy to avoid them breaking or flying away.



 All villas are situated in the countryside so if screen doors or shutters have been fitted please use them so that unwanted animals don’t get inside the house. The villas are all thoroughly cleaned before arrival but it is still possible that you may see the odd spider, mice, rat, scorpion, cockroach, snake or lizard inside. If you do and think it is a problem, please let us know so that we can deal with it straightaway. Wasps – it is impossible to know in advance whether wasps are going to be prevalent in a particular location or not. If you do find that wasps are a nuisance, burning Greek coffee on a plate seems to keep them away.

Taxis and Porters

Taxis, porters and car hire are not included in the price of your villa. Please settle up directly with your driver, porter or car hire representative. When departing from your villa, if you require a taxi or porter, please ring or email us 24-48hrs in advance to arrange. If you pre-book a taxi and do not notify us to cancel it, we will deduct this from your security deposit. Please note that we need to receive the cancellation in writing 24 hrs at least before the time you have booked the taxi. For airport transfers, we need at least 1 month’s notice in July/August and at least 2 weeks notice in all other months so that your booking can be replaced.



Greece is still generally a very safe country. However, when you are not at your villa please close windows and lock the doors. A safe is provided for your valuables.



Please dispose of your garbage regularly because the high temperatures can attract vermin if left for too long. Unfortunately, very few areas of Greece have recycling. The closest bin to the villa is on the main road by Tholos Beach.


Siesta Time

For villas that are situated within villages and towns, the siesta hours are 14:30hrs – 17:30hrs. During this time, please try to make as little noise as possible.


Shop & Bank Opening Hours

Large chain supermarkets (such as AB, Galaxias, Carrefour) are open Monday to Saturday from around 08:30hrs – 20:45hrs. Closed on Sundays.
Most other shops are open as follows:
Monday: 08:03hrs – 13:30hrs
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs
Saturdays and Sundays: On most islands, shops are open 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs & 17:30hrs – 20:30hrs. However, in traditional places frequented mainly by Greeks you will find that shops will be open on Saturdays until 13:30hrs and closed on Sundays.
Banks vary but are generally open from 08:30hrs – 13:30hrs. Some banks stay open for an hour or two longer.
Bakeries and mini-markets tend to be open every day.



It is very rare for us to deduct money from a security deposit and we do not deduct money for the odd glass, cup or plate that might get broken. However, if you do happen to break or damage something please let us know.


Departure Time

At the end of your holiday, please vacate your villa by 10:00hrs unless we have agreed a later time with you. If the housekeeper is not there when you leave, please lock up and leave the keys behind the door under the stone tile. Alternatively, lock and throw back inside the main entrance patio. Please leave the villa tidy, and dispose of rubbish before you leave.


Transport to greece

Three good websites for flights from the UK are


For non-UK flights, a good website is 

Please contact one of the PGV team for advice about where to book flights.

Since cars on Hydra are prohibited, there are two ways to get to the island

Fly to Athens and then take a Flying Dolphin (hydrofoil) or High Speed Cat (catamaran) from Piraeus
Fly to Athens and then take a taxi transfer to the port of Metochi followed by water taxi to Hydra.


Transport in greece

Cars are prohibited on Hydra island
Athens Airport to Pireaus Port

In order to get from Athens Airport to Piraeus ferry port by taxi.

Pretty Greek Villas can pre-book a taxi transfer on your behalf. Taxis are payable at the same time as the balance for your villa. The taxi driver will wait for you in the Arrivals Hall of the Airport holding a sign with your name on it. If you cannot find the taxi driver, please call our emergency number 0030 211 780 3203

Type of Taxi


Athens Taxi (up to 4 passengers)


Luxury Car 1-3 passengers


Luxury Mini-Van up to 8 passengers


Luxury Mini-Bus up to 14 passengers


Luxury Mini-Bus up to 21 passengers


Coach up to 40 passengers


Athens Airport to Pireaus Port

Athens Airport has a station, you can see it in the map below. The blue and red walking routes converge at the station.
The blue walking route leads from arrival point B and the red from arrival point A. You can buy rail tickets in the airport station

Two different rail services run from Athens Airport to Piraeus. The first is the Athens Metro, the second is the Proastiakos ‘Suburban’ railway. We have marked the Metro route in green and the Proastiakos route in Yellow.
The Metro is the one you would need

The Metro is available between 06:30 in the morning till 23:30 in the evening. It leaves from Athens Airport metro station every 30 minutes. You need to change at Monastiraki

Departure times:

06:33, 07:03, 07:33, 08:03, 08:33, 09:03, 09:33, 10:03, 10:33, 11:03,
11:33, 12:03, 12:33, 13:03, 13:33, 14:03, 14:33, 15:03, 15:33, 16:03,
16:33, 17:03, 17:33, 18:03, 18:33, 19:03, 19:33, 20:03, 20:33, 21:03, 21:33, 22:03, 22:33, 23:03, 23:33

The trip from Athens Airport to Monastiraki takes 40 minutes. From Monastiraki to Pireaus port it is another 30 mins.
There are different types of tickets

Ticket for one person (one - way): 10 Euro
Ticket for one person (with return): 14 Euro
Ticket for 2 persons (one - way only): 18 Euro
Ticket for 3 persons (one - way only): 24 Euro
Reduced ticket (students age 25-, age 6 -18, age 65+): 20 Euro
Children up to 6 years old: Free


Take the blue metro line in the direction of Egaleo and change at Monastiraki. From Monastiraki you need to take the green line electric railway to Piraeus

Once you arrive in Piraeus you will need to walk the green route below from the station to the Hellenic Seaways ticket office located inside the port opposite where the catamarans leave for the Saronic Gulf and Spetses



Take a Flying Dolphin (Hydrofoil) or High Speed Cat (Catamaran) from Piraeus Port to Hydra

Once you arrive in Piraeus you will need to walk the green route below from the station to the Hellenic Seaways ticket office located inside the port opposite where the catamarans leave for the Saronic Gulf and Hydra:

Journey time to Hydra is approx 1hr 30 mins.
All information regarding ferry timetables and bookings can be seen on the following website. Please note that timetables are published around early May of each year.



Athens Airport to Pireaus Port

There is an airport bus to Piraeus (X96). It leaves from outside the Airport Arrivals Hall (between doors 4-5) and terminates right outside the port gate where the ferries leave for Hydra. It runs every 20 mins during the day and every 40 mins at night and takes about 1 hour. Euro 3.20 per adult.

Athens Airport to Metochi Port

Pretty Greek Villas can pre-book a taxi transfer on your behalf. Taxis are payable at the same time as the balance for your villa. The taxi driver will wait for you in the Arrivals Hall of the Airport holding a sign with your name on it. If you cannot find the taxi driver, please call our emergency number 0030 211 780 3203.

Taxi prices from Athens Airport to Metochi are as follows:

Type of Taxi


Athens Taxi up to 4 passengers


Luxury Car up to 3 passengers


Mini-Bus up to 8 passengers


Mini-Bus up to 14 passengers


Luxury Mini-Bus up to 21 passengers



The driving route can be seen on the map below:



Take a Water Taxi from Metochi Port to Hydra

The water taxis can take up to 10 passengers and
the prices are as follows:

Metochi to Hydra town - Euro 40
Metochi to Kamini - Euro 40
Metochi to Vlichos - Euro 40


Recommend boat hire

Please reserve your boat hire through the 'Manage Your Booking' section to our website. If you require your access codes, please contact one of the PGV team.

Boat Hire with on Hydra

For boat hire on Hydra, it’s best to reserve in advance especially for bookings in July and August. To reserve, please complete the boat hire section on your Arrival Form or email us directly at arrivals@prettygreekvillas.com

2020 Boat Hire Prices Per Day

Boat Type




Caprice rib 6.60m 150hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine




Licence Required

Caprice rib 7.10m 175hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine




Licence Required

Nasia rib 4.80m 60hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine




Licence Required

Melina plastic boat 4.80m 40hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine







Licence Required

Nicoletta plastic boat 7.80m 40hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine







Licence Required


Boats need to be hired from and returned to Hydra harbour each day. Each boat has its own anchorage in the port.
Boats that are 50hp or more require a power boat or skipper’s license. If you wish to hire a skipper, it is at an extra cost of Euro 60 per day for the small boats, and Euro 80 per day for the large boats.
Boat trip with skipper around the island including gasoline is Euro 360 for a day’s trip.
Prices do not include VAT which is added at the time of renting the boat.