Saronic Islands

Spetses with its pine-cloaked hills, secluded covers and splendid harbour lined with neo-classical building combines an idyllic retreat with sophisticated nightlife. Spetses is a perfect place for exploring the other very diverse islands of the Saronic group and the Peloponnese mainland.


Pretty Good Beaches

Spetses has many small, sandy coves to discover.

Aghios Mammas Beach

This sandy beach gets crowded in the summer but is handy if you don't want to wander too far.

Agia Paraskevi Beach

A taxi boat leaves the main harbour every hour for this lovely beach located 12 kms from the main harbour of Spetses.

Scholes Beach

This is a nice beach but gets crowded in the summer. It is about 2 kms from the main harbour of Spetses and is a pleasant walk. Alternatively, you can take one of the horse-drawn carriages.

Xilokerisa Beach

Taxi boats leave the main harbour for this quiet beach situated about 8 kms distance.

Agia Marina Beach

Situated 2 kms from the main harbour of Spetses, this beach is fun if watersports are your thing.>

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Pretty Sporty

Aghia Marina beach, Aghii Anargiri and College/Kaiki Beach all have watersports facilities. Aghia Marina and Kaiki Beach have excellent beach bars, and at Aghii Anargiri there is a lovely taverna on the beach.

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Pretty Greek Shops

(section under construction but there are many lovely shops near the port)

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Pretty Good Day Trips

Experience a cruise with a crewed traditional wooden caique boat

In the main harbour of Spetses, you will find various boat trips on offer either for whole day cruises or part day cruises around local bays. We recommend Panos and his caique boat which can be booked for the day through our office. +30 26960 61414.

Hydra by Flying Cat

Visit this wonderful neighbouring island with its impressive horse-shoe shaped marble harbour and chic shops, restaurants and tavernas. The interior of the island is still very traditional with white washed houses, crooked stone paths and pretty hillsides. Click here for more information on Hydra.


Aegina by Flying Cat

Aegina is one of the few islands that still encapsulates all that Greeks love about their own country. Simple tavernas shaded by vines serving excellent fish, colourful markets, great coffee shops and long pistachio groves reaching down to the sea. Click here for more information on Aegina


Angistri by boat

This smaller, undiscovered neighbouring island to Aegina is a little gem with pretty coves and fragrant pine forests. From Spetes, you need to take a Flying Cat to Aegina and from there a short ferry ride to Angistri.


Peloponnese mainland

There are regular ferries, catamarans and water taxis that can take you the short 20 mins distance to Kostas or Portoheli on the Peloponnese mainland. In high season, there is a ferry service to Ancient Epidavros each evening for the summer arts festival held at the ancient amphitheatre. The Peloponnese is where most of the major archaeological sites are located and the beautiful Venetian town of Nafplion can be explored.>

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Pretty Delicious! Food and Drink

Spetses has some excellent restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars. There are plenty of traditional haunts as well as those catering to a more sophisticated taste.

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We can organise quad bikes or scooter bike hire for your stay through Lambros at the Honda shop. Please call our office to arrange. +30 26960 61414

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Pretty Cultural

Spetses has had a colourful history and its aristocratic heritage is very much in evidence today. Spetsiots have been master sailors, successful merchants and in the Napoleonic Wars, skilled blockade runners, earning huge fortunes that were poured into building lavish boats and mansions. During the 1821 War of Independence, the Spetsiots gave their best ships and bravest people to the cause which is still remembered with pride today.

Bouboulina Museum

Laskarina Bouboulina was the bravest of all the revolutionaries from Spetses and a female to boot! This museum is dedicated to her life.

Hadjiyiannis-Mexis Museum

Housed in a fine 18th century 'archontiko' Venetian style mansion, this museum contains articles highlighting Spetses splendid history.

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Good home cooking at a traditional taverna. Try their pastitio (meat and macaroni pie), giouvetsi (pieces of tender beef with rice pasta), moussaka (aubergine and minced lamb with bechamel sauce) and spetsofai (tender pieces of pork with piccante peppers).


Excellent fish restaurant located in the harbour area.

Apanemo Pizzeria

Excellent home-made pizzas located in the old harbour

Kapello Yiannis

Delicious mezedes (traditional small dishes to go with ouzo or wine) at this 'Ouzeri' in the harbour.

Agia Anaryiri

Located at the beach of Agia Paraskevi, this taverna is thoroughly recommended.

also offers some appetising local dishes.

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Located in the main harbour.

Tel: 22980 72858

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Pretty Greek Festivals

Throughout Greece, every island and place has its share of festivals. A religious ceremony is held in the local church followed by eating, drinking, dancing and fireworks until dawn. Spetses has two really unique festivals.

Feast of the Virgin Mary, 15th August

Celebrated all over Greece, this ceremony is in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Amata Festival, around beginning of September each year

The largest festival on Spetses lasting for around one week. This is an annual celebration of the historical naval battle of Spetses during the War of Independence. A model ship is built and burnt on the sea amid a massive firework display culminating in a week long arts festival.

Feast of Agios Mammas, 1st September

At this festival, children make little paper boats which they sail out to sea from the water's edge at the foot of the church of Agios Mammas.

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Bars & Cafes


Located in the old harbour area, this bar is particularly recommended

Mourayo Restaurant & Music Bar

Located in the old harbour, this is the oldest on Spetses

Tel: 22980 73700


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Emergency Numbers

Police of Spetses.

Tel: 22980 73744

Port Police:

Tel: 22980 72245

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